Get in Shape Challenge Day 36 – Tuesday 20th September

I found it really difficult to get up this morning and do my weights session. When the alarm went off at 5:00am all I wanted to do was role over and hit the snooze button a few times. After fighting off this urge a rolled out of bed and started my morning abs routine followed by getting everything ready and packed for my long day (I won’t finish teaching tonight until around 10:00pm).

Upon arriving at the gym I headed for the bench press to start the usual routine of working my chest and loaded the bar with 62.5kg and completed the first set of 12 repetitions. My following set I increased the weight to 67.5kg as I have been recently but found this difficult to lift this morning with me only managing 7 repetitions, my left side particularly was struggling to handle the weight. I still increased the third set to 70kg and set myself the target of four repetitions to complete, which I managed to get out (the fourth one was a real push – Imight try for 5 on Thursday).

The incline press using 25kg dumb-bells and the shoulder lifts using 12.5kg dumb-bells came next. I managed the full 12 repetitions on both exercises for the first sets and 10 and 9 for the incline press for the second and third sets. I did manage to get out 12 repetitions for the second and third set of the shoulder lifts, the third set really did hurt a lot from about the halfway mark right through to the last one.

I then moved onto my shoulder press and bicep curls using the 20kg and 12.5kg dumb-bells respectively. My shoulders felt really good today and I managed to complete the first set of presses very easily with 12 repetitions, the curls similarly I managed fairly easily to get out all 12 repetitions. The second and third sets of the shoulder presses I also managed to get out 12 repetitions although the initial getting the weights into position was at times a little problematic and took a bit of extra effort. My bicep curls I managed a complete second and third set which really did hurt my arms incredibly (especially set number three).

My shoulder flys and tricep curls came next and I used only the 12.5kg dumb-bell for these and completed a full three sets of twelve repetitions on each exercise. My deltoids using the 20kg dumb-bell also proved to be successful with each arm lifting a 20kg dumb-bell for twelve repetitions in three separate sets.

The lat pulldown was being used so I moved onto my bicep curls using a 32.5kg bar-bell and also my triceps dips. For the first time ever I completed a full three sets of twelve repetitions on the bicep curls with this weight – the last few I really had to dig deep but I did manage it meaning here comes the 35kg bar-bell on Thursday. My dips I managed to complete easily. The lat pulldown was my last exercise which I completed all three sets with 12 repetitions on 60.

Tomorrow morning will be a cardio session, I have a bye from soccer this week so it’s a chance for me to really push myself hard tomorrow morning and see if i can take my fitness levels to a new level of intensity. I am sure my body will be hurting after tis week is done if I keep going this hard….bring it on!


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