Get in Shape Challenge Day 38 – Thursday 22nd September

Over the duration of the challenge I have found up to this point that to have any chance of achieving my set goals it takes commitment, determination, discipline and above all a willingness to push through and go beyond every challenge that arises. I suppose this philosophy is, in essence, no different to what is required across any sphere of life (as I know from my work as a musician) it’s just in doing these regular workouts these life skills are being highlighted to me even more.

This morning’s session really is the perfect example of this needing to rise to and push through challenge that arise, even before the gym I had one to overcome – the alarm and sleeping through it. I woke up today at 5:30am, that is 30 minutes after the usual time I have been getting up, and found myself trying to workout whether or not I would be able to get to the gym and get the session done completely and properly before heading into school. After a minute or two of wrestling with this decision I made up my mind to go and commit to it even if it meant shortening the workout – this was one of those opportunities where I could rise and maybe get something a little more out of the session.

I arrived at the gym just before 6:00am, thank goodness for green lights all the way from home, and found myself on the bench only a couple minutes after when I normally would start. I figured that if i pushed myself hard that the whole session would be still possible, just some of my rest periods might have to be shortened during the session. Loading the bar up to the 62.5kg I did my first set of 12 repetitions quite comfortably. With how easy the first set was I decided it was time to increase the load on the second set and bumped it up to 70kg instead of the 67.5kg that I have been doing, on this weight I managed to complete 8 repetitions. The final set on the bench I increased the weight to 72.5kg and decided to see of o could push out 6 repetitions, I fell short of this target only managing 4 repetitions.

My next set of exercises, the incline press and shoulder lifts I used the usual 25kg and 12.5kg dumb-bells respectively. THe first and second sets of the incline press I managed to get out 12 repetitions with the third set only getting out 8. My shoulder lifts all three sets were done with twelve repetitions. My shoulder press and bicep curls were next using the 20kg and dumb-bells. I managed two sets of 12 repetitions on the shoulder presses with then a set of 10. My biceps curls managed three sets of 12 repetitions, I am finding that my forearms are hurting as I do the bicep exercises, I think I won’t increase the weight on the curls because of this however the shoulder press should probably now be increased to 22.5kg.

My shoulder flys and triceps curls came next both using the 12.5kg weights. I managed to complete two sets of 12 repetitions and a set of 8 repetitions for the shoulder flys with three complete sets of 12 repetitions on each arm with the triceps curls. I had some problems with available benches throughout this exercise with only the incline bench available, this makes it uncomfortable to do the flys, however I pushed through and got it done.

A flat bench had become available by the time I had done my final set of shoulder flys so I moved there to prepare for my deltoid exercises. Using a 20 kg weight I completed three sets of 12 repetitions and then moved onto my biceps curls and triceps dips. I increased the weight today of the bar-bell used for the bicep curls to the 35kg weight and managed to complete sets of 12, 8 and 6 repetitions. The isolation of the muscles wasn’t the best today so i think i will need to work on focusing on that a little more to really get some good form. The triceps dips were completed fairly easily and comfortably. I moved onto my lats to finish with and completed three sets of 12 repetitions with the weight on 60.

I am quite happy with how today’s session ended, I am irritated about the start of the day an think i will need to address this sleeping in issue but it is good to see that when faced with the prospect of failing on the goal that I rose and overcame it. Tomorrow is a cardio session, fingers crossed I can again rise and meet any challenges with as much commitment, discipline and determination.

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