Get in Shape Challenge Day 39 – Friday 23rd September

Today’s session I was really keen to make a worthwhile one. I felt that I had a lot to prove as my Friday sessions over the past few weeks haven’t been of the greatest intensity largely due to feeling tight and sore after the indoor game on Wednesday nights and the social soccer game on Thursdays. With us having had the bye on Wednesday I figured that I really needed to have a great session to make up for missing out on some exercise.

The plan was to do my session first thing in the morning before work, unfortunately this didn’t happen as i slept through my alarm again, meaning that the session would have to occur straight after work at 4:00pm. After finishing at Mater Dei College I headed into the gym and was on the treadmill just after 4:30pm, I ran for a total of 25 minutes increasing the speed periodically every 5 minutes commencing on 7.5km/h followed by 10, 12.5, 14 and then finishing the final five minutes on 11.5km/h.

My ergo came next, I wanted to push out 2 km in a shorter time as possible. I started my row and felt really good getting the 500m split down as low as 1 minute and 39 seconds at one stage with a stroke rate of 37 per minute. This rate then began to slow, however I managed to keep the average split below the 2 minute mark and stroke rate above 32 strokes per minute throughout the row. As I hit the 7 minute mark of the row it looked like it was going to be a real stretch to hit the 8 minute 2 km mark that I have previously done, I decided to increase my workload and with 3 seconds to spare crossed the 2km mark (in 7 minutes and 57 seconds).

Absolutely exhausted and with my legs burning I headed over for the cycles for my ride. I have noticed that my ability to ride 5km in 10 minutes has become too easy so today I decided it was time to increase the resistance level from 6 to 8 to give my legs more of a challenge. I started off really well, my power rate was 210kw and rpm was 105, for the first 2 minutes I was maintaining good pace and it felt like perhaps I wold be able to push through then I hit the wall. My legs just had enough and gave way at the 4 minute mark, I realised that going beyond 5 minutes was just going to be impossible without running the  risk of causing myself serious injury so at 5 minutes I stopped my ride having ridden 2.7km.

I finished off the session with my usual stretching routine, the lactic acid in my legs hadn’t fully set in yet so I did managed to get through this fairly easily. Tomorrow’s weights session will round off the week, there has been more good progress made throughout this week, I am just hoping I start to see some more results with losses around the middle soon otherwise it may call for more drastic measures.

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