Get in Shape Challenge Day 40 – Saturday 24th September

I fell that this morning’s session was already successful before I had even gotten to the gym and lifted my first weight, when I started lifting and begun seeing me push through barriers that I hadn’t since restarting my weights training program I was hardly surprised. I had a great mental attitude this morning, from the decisions I made prior to going to bed on Friday night to be at the gym right on 7:00am through to the wanting to push through the larger load and more repetitions that I would get out. This really makes me yet again reflect on the importance your attitude and mental toughness is to seeing success and results in the goals that you set for yourself.

I arrived at the gym at 7:00am and got straight onto the bench for my press. The first weight I put on was 62,5kg which I got out the full 12 repetitions. The following set I loaded up to 70kg and managed to push out 9 repetitions, my arms were burning by the 7th repetitions but instead of stopping I managed to push out a final two. For my third set the bar was reset up to 72.5kg (only 7kg off my own body weight) and I managed to get out 4 full repetitions with one half repetition – a definite improvement from the sessions earlier in the week.

My incline press and shoulder lifts came next and I got out my usual 25kg and 12.5kg weights. My aim with these sets would be to complete three full sets of both exercises with only having a short break in between a full completed set (both exercises run together consecutively). I managed the first two sets of this routine without many hiccups, the last couple of lifts on the incline press were difficult for the second set but I got there. The third set I did fall a little short only managing 11 repetitions on the incline press, the shoulder lifts I did get out all 12 on my final set.

My shoulder presses and biceps curls came next using the 20kg and 12.5kg dumb-bells. I set myself the same goal that I had for the previous exercises and managed to complete this in its entirety, next week’s sessions will have to be increased int eh amount of weight I load onto the dumb-bells. I used the 12.5kg weight for the shoulder flies and triceps extensions as well and managed to complete a full 12 repetitions on these exercises for the full three sets.

My deltoid exercises were next and using the 20kg weights managed to complete a full three sets both arms.

As I had the exact bench i wanted I moved onto my biceps curls with a bar-bell and also the triceps dips. I grabbed the heaviest bar-bell there, the 35kg one, and managed to complete a first set of 12 repetitions followed by 12 dips. My second set I managed to get out 11 repetitions on the bicep curls with 10 repetitions for the third set. I am happy with this improvement in this area of my weights training.

To finish I moved over to the lat pulldown and managed three sets of twelve repetitions with the weight on 60. The abs work I usually do first thing in the morning I did as soon as I got home from the gym before my 9:00am clarinet student arrived.

Tomorrow’s rest day is a definite benefit for my body, I will look forward to refocusing for the week to come and hopefully be able to push things even further.

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