Get in Shape Challenge Day 41 – Sunday 25th September

Today’s rest day was extremely relaxing and definitely just what my body needed before hitting the gym again tomorrow morning. I got up at 7:00am which funnily enough feels like a sleep in when you are used to rising around the 5:00am mark throughout the week and after going to mass with Melissa had no plan for anything physical for the rest of the day.

Melissa had her last week of club soccer fixtures for the year on so I headed out to watch her play as I have done throughout the year. My day was very enjoyable, sitting in a park for most of the day just chilling out and relaxing. Tomorrow I get back into the gym with a cardio session, I am looking forward to it because of the growth that I am currently seeing however the amount of pain to go through them is not what I’d exactly call fun. Nevertheless, tomorrow’s session will be great and is really important to set the intensity for the week so bring on Monday.

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