Get in Shape Challenge Day 42 – Monday 26th September

I have found over the course of this challenge that the Monday session, the first one of the week is very important in setting the atmosphere for the entire week’s training that is to come. Put in a good hard session and all the ones after it until the next rest day also seem to be hard fought and new bests set, take it easy and not give it all and every session throughout the week seems to be a struggle to commit to. With this in mind I took to the gym in the afternoon for my cardio session.

Last Friday’s session was a great one with me able to push myself harder and longer than I had to any of the cardio sessions before it, I was hoping that today I would be able to build on this which I had some success in this and still some things to work on.

I jumped onto the treadmill and setup my usual routine of running for 25 minutes. I completed this raising the speed from 7.5km/ to 10, 12.5 and 14 before finishing on 11.5km/h in 5 minute intervals. The 14 km/h setting is slowly getting easier, I may look at increasing this soon, not quite yet though. My ergo session was next and I was hoping to repeat Fridays performance of rowing the 2km under 8 minutes. I hate to admit it, but my mind got the better of me in today’s session and at the 5 minute mark I stopped the ergo due to my legs burning and feeling really fatigued. I had rowed 1300m in this time at an average 500m split of 1 minute and 58 seconds.

I wanted to make up for falling short on the row with putting in a big effort to get out the full ten minutes on the cycle with at least part of it being on a higher effort level than the 6 I had used up until the Friday session. I decided to do 5 minutes on 8 before dropping it to 6 for the last 5 minutes. This proved to work very well, although my legs were burning I did manage to push through and get out the full 10 minutes riding 5.3km in that time frame. I will try and push it up to 7.5 minutes on the 8 effort level at my next session on Wednesday morning.

After doing all of my stretches I headed home and completed the routine with my abdominal exercises.

I have noticed that my back on my left hand side is really starting to stiffen up, to the point that it is actually painful to rotate. I don’t think I have pulled anything in my back, however this might prove problematic tomorrow morning for my weights session. If I get up and it is still hurting tomorrow morning I think I might need to have a day off the weights in an attempt to get it right before proceeding further.

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