Get in Shape Challenge Day 43 – Tuesday 27th September

I got up this morning when my alarm went off at 5:00am looking forward to doing a good weights session to get this side of training really happening for this week. The session didn’t end up happening due to my back being in considerable amount of discomfort. I went to bed last last night feeling like there was a massive knot in the left hand side of my back just below my shoulder blade, this morning the pain is still there. I had hoped that a night’s sleep would overcome this problem, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have worked so I will rest today hoping to overcome this niggle before it gets any worse. I don’t think I have pulled anything, more that perhaps I have twisted the wrong way or sat in a bad position as I was cooling down yesterday, either way it doesn’t really matter as to how it has happened just more of it has now occurred and it has prevents me doing a session. Very disappointing.

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