Get in Shape Challenge Day 45 – Thursday 29th September

Today’s session was the first one that I have done since niggling my shoulder and back on Monday, and it feels really good to be back in the gym and on the training regime. When my alarm went off at 5:00am this morning it was really difficult to get out of bed, I think my body has enjoyed the extra little bit of sleep it has been getting the past few days, this will just take a couple of days to train myself back into routine I guess. After completing my morning abdominal routine and packing my bag I headed into the gym for my weights session.

Arriving just before 6:00am I unloaded all of my stuff into a locker before hitting the bench to start working my chest. The first set I managed 12 repetitions on 62.5kg and managed this very easily so I bumped the weight straight up to 70kg for my next set. On this second set I managed to get out 6 repetitions and then increasing the weight to 72.5kg I managed to push out 4 repetitions. This last set was a bit of a push and it did feel like my arms were going to give way under the weight, however I did manage to compose myself and push through.

My incline presses and shoulder lifts came next and I got myself the 25kg and 12.5kg dumb-bells. Doing these exercises alternatively I managed a full 12 repetitions on both exercises with the first set with second sets of 11 and 12 respectively and third sets of 10 and 12 repetitions. Both of these exercises were a bit of strain but nothing too overbearing, I do know that soon I will need to increase the weights being used on both of these to get the most out of it. Maybe this will happen the start of next week’s routine (Tuesday).

I went to do my shoulder press next only to find that all of the 20kg dumb-bells were in use. I could either go with the 17.5kg or 22.5kg ones instead, I went for the harder option and picked up the 22.5kg. My only concern with this heavier weight was whether or not I’d be able to get over my head and into position (it’s this movement that always cause me the most grief). After psyching myself up I got up the weights and started my first set which I managed 12 repetitions on which was a bit of a surprise. I did my usual alternating between shoulders and bicep curls using the 12.5kg dumb-bells and managed to get out 12 repetitions on my first set of biceps as well. I thought the test would be on the shoulder presses for the second and third sets, it was more of a struggle for both of these to get them into position to do the exercise, but it was manageable and I did sets of 10 and 8 respectively. The bicep curls I did sets a set of 12 repetitions for the second set with a final set of 10 repetitions.

I moved onto my shoulder flies and triceps extensions next using the 12.5kg dumb-bell. For these exercises I also switched over benches from an incline bench to a flat bench. I managed to complete 3 sets of 12 repetitions for both exercises with a relative ease. Next week these weights will have to be increased to make it a bit more of an effort for me. I moved onto my deltoids and did my lifts using a 20kg dumbbell. On each arm I managed to do all three sets of 12 repetitions.

As the benches and free weights area was quite busy I didn’t want to lose my place whilst I went off and did my lats so I moved straight into my bicep curls using the 35 kg bar-bell and alternated it with the triceps dips. I managed all three sets of the triceps dips and sets of 12, 10 and 6 repetitions with the 35kg bar-bell. One good thing I found is that my forearms that have been hurting on my lifts didn’t hurt at all throughout this exercise, a huge plus as far as I am concerned.

To finish the routine for the day I headed over to the lat-pulldown and did three sets of 12 repetitions with the weight on 60.

For a first session back after two days off I was really happy with the overall results I achieved and that my back wasn’t aggravated in anyway. Tomorrow will be my first cardio session since Monday when I hurt myself, fingers crossed all goes well. I think this time I won’t let myself go cold before having a shower and wash.


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