Get in Shape Challenge Day 46 – Friday 30th September

I made the decision when I went to bed last night that I would take my time and not get up at 5:0am for a morning session. I have found over the past few weeks that  have had plenty of time and opportunity to get an afternoon session in – and this is what my plan was for today.

All of these best plans were thrown on their head just after 10:30am thanks to one of the year 12s who I am accompanying tomorrow in their final WACE performance messaging me asking if I could swing by school for one last rehearsal that afternoon. As the performance is tomorrow I really don’t have too big a problems with doing it, if it makes him feel more confident then I will happily oblige. The distance I had to cover, and doing it in peak hour, meant it just wasn’t possible to get it in…I guess it goes to show, yet again that the only guarantee to get the sessions completed is to go first thing in the morning!

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