Get in Shape Challenge Day 47 – Saturday 1st October

I woke up this morning planning to get the session done before my first student at 9:00am, this just didn’t happen. Instead of bouncing out of bed and being pumped for the final weights session of the bed I pulled myself out of bed barely being able to breathe. It seems like the term, the strain of a whole pile of other factors had finally worn me down to a point where I needed to stop and take note. To make things worse with today’s session is that I have come down with the first cold sore I have had for the past three years – this is the big sign of the amount of stress and how run-down I must be feeling.

Tonight I am supposed to be going out with the family and close friends to celebrate my 30th birthday, which is tomorrow. I am feeling gross at the moment, hopefully after an afternoon of watching the AFL grand final and having some down time I will be able to pick myself up ready for the big night.

Fingers Crossed!!!

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