Get in Shape Challenge Day 49 – Monday 3rd October

A fresh week and a fresh start, this I felt had to be my attitude towards today’s session after the shocking week of training (or lack of it) I experienced through noone’s fault but my own last week. Being a Monday, and the first day of holidays, I decided that the session would be an afternoon one so i could get some extra sleep. After a morning of doing wedding organisation with Melissa I managed to fight off the apathetic feeling of mid afternoon by going off to the gym.

Today’s session was to be a cardio one, I wanted to really smash out a hard worked session and set out on the cross trainer. I was going to be following my usual routine over 25 minutes increasing the speed in 2.5km increments starting on 7.5km/h every five minute period. From the beginning everything felt difficult, my nose was still extremely blocked so breathing was quite challenging. At around the 13 minute mark my right glute was starting to feel extremely tight (to the point I thought something was going to tear) so instead of pushing through the pain I stopped my run early and moved onto the row – I would have to make up some time on this one.

I had decided prior to the day that I wanted to row for a full 10 minutes and just see how far I could row. I started off the row with a stroke rate of 34 per minute and managed to get my average 500m time to be sitting below 1 minute and 55 seconds. I managed to hold this rate for the first 5 minutes of the row and was still feeling quite good. My stroke rate did drop a little at this point, as did my average 500m split but coming up to the 8 minute and 15 second mark I had clicked over the 2km mark. Whilst this was slower than I had gone before I thought to myself it might just be possible to come close to the 2.5m mark in the 10 minute period so I lifted my work rate. I pushed myself with a stroke rate of up to 38 per minute and managed to drop the split down to 1 minute and 50 seconds per 500 metres. This effort wasn’t enough with me just pulling up short by the 10 minute mark having rowed 2.42km, an effort that I really am quite pleased with.

My 10 minute cycle came next and I decided to approach this one a little differently today by alternating between two different resistances every 2 minutes. I started my cycle on a resistance of 8 and pushed myself hard for the 2 minutes keeping the power rate up at over 200Kw, I had fallen about 5 seconds behind the average time I would need to ride my 5 kms meaning that the next two minutes I would have to pickup the difference to achieve a distance of 5km. Dropping the speed to 6 in resistance I set about this task and managed to get back the lost distance by the 4 minute mark when the resistance went back up to 8. Throughout the entire ride this sea-saw between being on target continued depending on what the resistance level was until the last 2 minute cycle on 8 (8 t0 10 minutes). I managed to increase my work effort at this point and crept over the 5 km by the 10 minute mark riding a distance of  5.2km in the time.

To finish the session off I went through my stretching routine, everything was feeling quite good and loose by this stage. I guess the big test will be tomorrow and how tight I feel at 5:00am when I get up for my weights session.

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