Get in Shape Challenge Day 5 – Saturday 20th August

Day Five has seen the first weekend session needed to keep my my challenge routine. Saturday morning have been scheduled in as the final weights session of every week before my rest day on Sunday. Out of all the sessions I have scheduled for during the weeks I felt that these ones would be the most difficult to commit to over the entire course of the challenge. To ensure that these sessions get done I know that I need to be at the gym at 7:00am (when it opens) so that it is done prior to my first student for the day whose lesson is at 9:00am.

My alarm went off at 6:30am and after some resistance from my body wanting to lie in bed and snooze I managed to pull myself out of bed, to ensure o got to the gym in time I decided that the my daily abdominal exercises I would leave until I got home from the gym.

I arrived at the gym just after 7:00am and got straight into my regular routine, I had made the decision that for the third session I still would not push myself with too much additional weight resistance – this will occur over the coming weeks as my body continues to get back into some sort of form. I started with my bench press with the weights on 60kg, throughout the first set my chest was still feeling quite tight from the sessions before, however not as tight as they were for Thursday’s session (a good sign that things will start to get easier). After the first set which I managed to get out the full twelve repetitions I stretched out my chest before continuing the final two sets. This, combined with the resistance from doing the sets, started pull out the tightness I was feeling (especially on my left hand side). I didn’t managed to complete either of my final two sets on the bench with the second set getting out 7 and the third set getting out 9, I found my arms were feeling quite fatigued early on, the rest day is definitely being looked forward to.

The remainder of my exercises I was very happy with how my body was feeling, I managed to complete full sets on all exercises with the same weights as I have been using for the entire week. I think that in the next week it will be time to start increasing some of these weights and slowly build it back up towards my PBs that I was setting back three months ago.

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