Get in Shape Challenge Day 50 – Tuesday 4th October

Today’s weights session marks the 50th day of the challenge – it’s quite incredible to believe how fast the time has passed since beginning on this journey!

I rose at 5:10am to the sound of my alarm, it’s the first time I had set this new alarm to play songs from my ipod – I feel it’s the start of an exciting new era for me and getting up in the morning. after doing my abdominal exercises I headed into the gym for the weights session. I was on a very tight timetable today due to needing to be finished, washed and at Epic Coffee n West Perth to meet my good friend Samuel for coffee and a catchup.

Arriving at the gym by 5:50am I waited for the doors to open and quickly got myself onto the bench for my bench pressing by 5:55am. I started with the 62.5kg weight and managed to get out a total of 12 repetitions. My second set I increased the weight to 70kg and the weight felt really comfortable with me managing to get out 8 repetitions. I decided that today I wold push myself with the third set and see how would go with a weight of 75kg on the bar (this is only 4.5 kg lighter than my actual body weight at the moment). I lifted the bar and managed to get out 4 complete repetitions, it was difficult and the last one REALLY hurt, but it is a definite step up. I guess the only problem is now that my session later in the week I am going to have to try and replicate that performance.

I moved from the bench press to the incline press and shoulder lifts using the usual 25kg and 12.5kg dumb-bells respectively alternating between exercises. The first set of the incline press I managed the 12 repetitions easily with following sets of 12 and 10 repetitions. The shoulder lifts I managed a first and second set of 12 repetitions on 12.5kg, the third set got the better of me with me only managing to get out a total of 8 repetitions on each arm.

My shoulder press and bicep curls came next, for these I used the 22.5kg dumb-bells and the 12.5kg working the muscles groups alternately with a small rest period between each complete set. The shoulder press was only difficult in the initial getting the weight into position, once up I did sets of 12, 12 and 8 repetitions. My bicep curls went pretty good as well with me managing sets of 12, 12 and 9 repetitions. The last set of the biceps really hurt a lot and I reached failure point on the attempted 10th repetition where I just couldn’t lift the weight past halfway.

I moved onto a straight bench for my next two exercises, shoulder flies and triceps extensions. Using the 12.5kg weight for both exercises I managed to complete a full three sets of 12 repetitions on both lots of exercises. I know for a few weeks now I have been saying that I should increase this weight, I am a little concerned that the 15kg is just going to be too much for my arms to handle. I guess this is something that I will just have to get over and go for it in the near future.

Time was starting to get away from me, I had 10 minutes to complete my routine so I skipped my deltoids and moved straight onto my bicep curls and triceps dips. Using the 35kg bar-bell I managed to get out a complete three sets of 12 repetitions for the bicep curls as well as 3 complete sets of 12 repetitions for the triceps dips. Maybe I will need to start looking at adding weight to myself for the dips to try and get that little more work on my triceps.

I had enough time to quickly head over to the lat pulldown and I completed three sets of 12 repetitions on 60.

Today’s session turned out to be a really good one, I am hoping that throughout the week I can now keep building on this good momentum from the first two days.

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