Get in Shape Challenge Day 51 – Wednesday 5th October

Today I was posed with a very interesting and difficult decision to make with regards to my training session. It was supposed to be a cardio day and I was hoping to be able to build ont he good results I set on Monday to push things even further. I found out late last night that the indoor soccer team tonight isn’t going to have any reserves, one of the other members is away on holidays (totally cool everyone needs holidays) whilst the another member has just decided that they don’t want to play this week. I know this will mean that I will be needed to play a full game and do a lot of running. So the dilemma was do I put my training regime first and just struggle through a game with no energy or do I put the needs of the team first and miss my training session to benefit the team?

I came to the conclusion that the team’s needs has to be more important than my own training routine so I missed the cardio workout.

The game was a fantastic effort, with no reserves it was always going to be a difficult slog against a physically demanding opponent who are always hard to score against. With great efforts from Melis and Rachel in defence and some fantastic saves from Gerard in goals we managed to fall over the line. Dave Haydon and myself managed to combine well enough to knock five goals in against them. Goal of the night was Dave’s juggle over the top of three players including the keeper starting from just over the half way line.

Tomorrow morning is a weights session, hopefully I can have more success with getting the session completed in the morning as it’s the only time I will be able to get it done.

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