Get in Shape Challenge Day 52 – Thursday 6th October

Today I really needed to get up early to ensure that the weights session scheduled for the day would get done…any later than the 6am start would equal the missed opportunity which I wold not be able to make up later in the day. This is due to me making the commitment already to have one of Melissa’s younger brothers over at my place throughout the course of the day.

Unfortunately when my alarm went off at 5:00am I didn’t get up, there’s really no excuse as to why I didn’t get up other than laziness. As a result of this I have now missed two days in a row training which is quite disappointing.

I have noticed today that my right quadricep is very tight and sore from the full game of indoor soccer I played yesterday. I am supposed to be playing the usual social game of soccer this afternoon which I will have a light run at. I am hoping that it’s just tightness and that I haven’t torn anything in my leg, I suppose only time will tell with that one!

Tomorrow is supposed to be a cardio session, depending on how my quad is feeling will really determine whether or not I do a session and also how hard I push myself. I am hoping that it can be a session and also a hard pushed one as I am starting to really feel like I need a few good days to get back into the routine of things.

And I thought school holidays were supposed to make things easier to get everything done!

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