Get in Shape Challenge Day 53 – Friday 7th October 2011

I was hoping that when I got up this morning my legs would be feeling a lot better and I would be able to get a good cardio session in to really try and turn around what has not been the most successful training week. Unfortunately today’s session was just not to be!

I got up when my alarm went off at 5:00am to find that now it was not just my right quadricep that was sore still as it was yesterday but now that my right calf was exceptionally tight all down the right hand outer side of it. It feels almost as if some has taken to my leg with a sledge hammer is how tight and battered it is feeling. I am not sure whether someone actually has kicked me at all, I suppose that it is possible especially from the physical toughness of Wednesday night’s game, however I can’t remember being kicked that hard. Another, and probably more likely, possibility is that yesterday whilst playing in the social muck around game I was running a little funny to protect my sore quadricep and as a result have now put more pressure on my calf.

You would think that as I got older  would learn the importance of resting and taking time off to look after my body properly, apparently I still have a to learn in managing my body! Tomorrow morning should be a weights session, I have lots on tomorrow so if I don’t go at 7:00am it won’t happen and that would make this the worst week of training since starting the challenge…something I’d really like to avoid if at all possible!!!

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