Get in Shape Challenge Day 54 – Saturday 8th October

I had hoped when I went to bed on Friday night that I would be able to at least finish off what had been a horrid week, or actually two weeks, with one good weights session. All I can say to that is “here’s to hoping” as it didn’t happen.

To do a session today I knew that I would have to be right on the ball and be up by 6:30 am to be at the gym no later than 7:00am due to the amount of things I had on during the day. I slept through my alarm and didn’t stir until after 7:00am. I did toss up at this point trying to squeeze in the session but it unfortunately didn’t eventuate. I had to be out at Aquinas by around 8:30am to start loading the equipment for the St Thomas Big Band performance at the Perth Royal Show. The performance wasn’t due to start until 11:00am, however, I had no idea what the traffic or parking was going to be like so myself and a few other people headed into Aqunas early to ensure that we’d arrive with plenty of time.

After we had finished the show I knew there’s still be not time for a workout as it was straight off to a sound check for my gig that evening at the William Street Bird, by the time the check had finished the gym as in it’s last hour of being open.

I am very disappointed with myself for how this entire week has gone, there’s been such a lack of discipline which has resulted in me only doing two sessions. I am going to have turn this around next week seriously next week otherwise all the hard work I have done will be in vain very quickly.

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