Get in Shape Challenge Day 56 – Monday 10th October

Today’s session is the first one since really sitting back and reflecting on what has been nothing short but a terrible couple of weeks worth of training. I was really keen in making sure that I was up early and ready to hit the gym hard before the day got under way as I knew that if I missed the morning session then there was not going to be another chance for me later on in the day. My alarm went off this morning and I rose and headed into the gym by just after 6:30am, as I am on holidays at the moment I can afford to have a slightly later starting time although I don’t want to get into the habit of sleeping in too long.

After dropping my things off in one of the lockers I headed for the treadmill to start my run, I had no idea how this was going to go as the last session I had was a week ago and I had had some problems with muscle soreness in my right leg (both quadricep and calf) in the latter part of last week which had prevented me doing the Friday morning session. I began the run on 7.5km/h and held that for five minutes, my intentions were to follow the usual routine that I have been doing of increasing the speed every five minutes throughout the run. I increased the speed to 10km/h and then to 12.5km/h, during the 12.5km/h part of the run I felt my left hamstring start to pull at times, not wanting to risk pulling anything and setting back the training for a few weeks I decided to stop the run at the 15 minute point by which time I had run 2.8km.

I headed over to the ergo machine to do my row for the day. I had decided prior to starting the session that my aim was going to be to row for 10 minutes rather than for specific distance like the 2km mark I had been doing. My reasoning for changing this up was that I wanted to firstly see how far I could row in that time as well as to push the endurance side of my fitness. I began the row at a steady pace averaging the 2 minutes and five seconds for every 500 metres, I was keeping an ok stroke rate of 32 strokes per minute. As I cam up to the five minute mark I wasn’t too far behind the usual sort of distance I had been when rowing for a set distance of 2km, it would have been less than 100m distance at this point int time. As I cross the 8 minute mark in time I normally am approaching the 2km point, this time I wasn’t too far off this being at 1.9km. I though to myself that possibly I could get to the 2.5km if I increased my work rate so I tried to put in a lot more effort throughout the last 2 minutes of the row, with about 30 seconds to go I knew that I would just fall short which I did having rowed 2.4km by the 10 minute mark.

To finish the session I headed over to the cycles to do a ten minute ride. I wasn’t too interested in pushing myself too hard with this ride for the first session back and was happy to sit for the full 10 minutes on the resistance level of 6. I didn’t push hard at the start and quickly fell behind the pace needed to ride the 5km in the 10 minutes, by the 2 minute mark I was already 10 seconds off the pace. I decided to start to wind back this gap over the next six minutes and was sitting even by the turn of the 7 minutes on where I should be. Over the last 3 minutes I kept that consistent pace and managed to ride 5.10 km by the end of 10 minutes.

My stretches today were a bit more prolonged than the previous ones, this was largely due to the level of tightness I was experiencing throughout my body. All stretches I did twice on each leg and held for over 30 seconds each time. By the end of the second stretch on each leg the tightness had started to be released but was still there to a certain extent, I do think that I might had a little more tightness tomorrow than I did have throughout when I was doing three cardio sessions a week regularly.

After leaving the gym I headed home and completed the regime with my abdominal exercises, I usually do these before going to the gym but was more interested this morning in making sure I got the whole session in and didn’t miss out due to doing my abs first.

Whilst the session today is a good start all the hard work will be undone if I don’t get up tomorrow morning for my weights session, I am hoping that I do get all six sessions done this week. It’s a good start – one down and now only five to go!


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