Get in Shape Challenge Day 57 – Tuesday 11th October

Today’s weights session was to be the first one I have done in a week so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I had decided as I was on holidays I wouldn’t do a mad dash into the gym at 6:00am today, I have been finding that physically over the past few weeks my energy levels have been down and the extra sleep I figured would do me good.

I headed into the gym just after 12:30pm and got stuck into the weights straight away with my bench press. I stacked the usual first weight of 62.5kg onto the bar and pushed out 12 repetitions very easily. I think that come Thursday’s session I might increase this starting weight to 65kg to start to push the limits a little more. I bumped the bar up to 70kg for the next lift, my aim was to get out a minimum of six repetitions on this weight, whilst it was a much harder workload than the previous set I did manage to get out 9 repetitions on this new weight which I am quite happy with. For the third set I increased the weight, this time to 75kg, this is the weight I did manage to lift a week ago and I wanted to see if I could get at least one repetition out of it. I managed to get that one repetition and unfortunately no more. Thursday’s session my aim will be to improve on the number of repetitions I get out on 75kg, it would be great if over the next couple of weeks I could it up to me lifting 80kg which is more than my actual body weight as I come in at 78kg at the moment.

After finishing this third set I headed over to continue my usual routine with the incline press using 25kg dumb-bells and the shoulder lifts using 12.5kg dumb-bells. I thought for a moment about increasing the weight of the dumb-bells for the shoulder lifts for 15kg but thinking about it being the first session for a week decided it’d be better to not over push things, after all, I do have an indoor soccer game tomorrow night. Alternating these exercises I began my first set of the incline press, I found the 25kg dumb-bells feeling much heavier than they did last week, I guess that a week off has made me lose a little bit of form, none the less I did manage to complete the full 12 repetitions. The shoulder lifts I also managed to complete the full 12, although as with the incline press it felt a lot harder than it usually did. The second set of both exercises proved harder still, I almost didn’t get the 25kg up into position but managed to and only got out 6 full repetitions before completing another 12 repetitions on the shoulder lifts. I didn’t know how the third set was going to turn out, already I had struggled with the second set, I decided to not drop the weight but to go for it and managed a better outcome than the second set with a full 9 repetitions completed on the incline press. My armas did give way on the shoulder lifts with me only managing a total of 8 repetitions on each arm.

I continued the session with my next alternate exercises, the shoulder press and bicep curls. I decided to use the 22.5kg dumb-bells and 12.5kg dumb-bels respectively for these exercises although I wasn’t sure how I’d go considering the trouble I had with the 25kg dumb-bells just before. I managed to get the 22.5kg into position for the first set of the shoulder press and completed a full 12 repetitions although it was a struggle. The bicep curls I managed the full 12 repetitions with each arm. My second set of the shoulder press I almost didn’t get the weights into the correct position, my arms just felt so weak! After much struggling I did get them up and managed to complete 10 repetitions, the bicep curls that followed were also a lot more of a strain although I did complete the full 12 repetitions. For the third set I decided I should drop the weight down, I was worried that I wouldn’t get the weights into the correct position and as I didn’t have anyone spotting me didn’t want to risk injury. I changed the 22.5kg dumb-bells for 20kg dumb-bells and proceeded with the third set, I managed to get the dumb-bells into position and got out 10 repetitions before failing similarly the biceps failed with the 12.5kg dumb-bells on the 8th repetition. A bit of work on these ones is definitely needed!

I moved onto my shoulder flies and triceps curls and again was tempted to increase the weight from what I usually used. Again my common sense given it was the first session in a week got the better of me and I kept the 12.5kg dumb-bells. I completed three sets of 12 repetitions for each exercise on this one…maybe I could have increased that weight a little after all!

My deltoids got worked next with the 20kg dumb-bell. I managed to complete three sets of 12 repetitions each arm quite easily. I am feeling much more confident with my overall techinque now so I might think about increasing the weight to 22.5kg come Thursday morning.

I went and got the 35kg bar-bell to work my biceps next as well as prepared to do the triceps dips. The first set of the bicep curls I managed the full 12 repetitions, the second set was a lot more difficult but again I managed to get out 12 repetitions. On the third set of the bicep curls my biceps got to that failing point at the 8th curl, regardless of how hard I tried I just couldn’t lift that bar past halfway. I imagine that those sorts of things must look really funny to everyone else in the gym, it is just such a weird feeling to be trying as hard as you can but just not being able to lift a weight that previously you had been. In between each set of the biceps I did my triceps dips and completed all 12 repetitions each time.

To finish off the routine I headed over to the lat pull-down machine. Setting the weight to 60 I started the first set and managed to complete a full 12 repetitions. I didn’t increase this weight, this was largely due to the amount of exertion it was taking me towards the end of the set to get out repetitions. This was a good move as I only managed to get out 10 repetitions and 8 repetitions on the final two sets.

Overall I am quite happy with how the session went today, there appears to be some areas that I can sow some improvement in relatively quickly. Tomorrow I have to be up at 5:00am and be at the gym by 6:00am as I am meeting a good friend for coffee in West Perth (just up the road) at 7:00am. That coffee will be a great reward from a hard session!

Two sessions out of two done this week, tomorrow I hope to make it three out of three!

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