Get in Shape Challenge Day 63 – Monday 17th October

Today’s session is the first one I have managed to actually do since last Tuesday morning (a weights session). I would like to be able to give all sorts of excuses as to why this actually occurred but really at the end of the day there’s not much of an excuse that can really add up to more than just excuses. Now having said that, my reasons for not many sessions have largely come down to me not being able to get out of bed in the morning, I have found it increasingly difficult to do this as the hay fever season has continued with me waking up with blocked sinuses and watering / itching eyes – it’s been really terrible! This has lead to me not getting to the gym early in the day which in turn  has meant that I just haven’t had the chance to get there later on. Like I said, really weak excuses and it really is frustrating as this is a few weeks that I now won’t be able to get back in training regime going forward…and there’s now only just under four weeks to go in it!

Today’s session was my regular Monday cardio one, I am back teaching this week and my hope is that this regularity in routine will help me in my persuit of regular training sessions as well. I headed to the gym after finishing my teaching at MDc and after dropping off my gear in the locker room and getting changed I headed to the treadmill for my run. Today I decided to do a minimum of 20 minutes increasing the speed every 5 minutes as I have been doing. I started with the first speed of 7.5km/h and increased it to 10km/h followed by up on the 12.5km/h. During the 12.5km/h (just before the 14 minute mark) I accidentally hit the emergency stop button or at least I think I must have as the treadmill stopped dead and I almost ran through it! With this inconvenience having happened I restarted it with the speed on 12.5km/h for a minute before increasing to 14km/h for the last 5 minutes.

From this point I moved onto the ergo and rowed for 5 minutes, I have been doing 10 minutes bit figured that today I would ease back into the workload rather than overdo things and blow up my body. By the 5 minute mark I had rowed 1260m at an average 500 metre split of 1minute and 59 seconds with a stroke rate of 31 strokes per minute. From this I moved onto the cycle for my final ten minutes of exercise.

My time on the bike at the end of these sessions has also been quite beneficial for me, I didn’t know how this 10 minute session would go considering I hadn’t done a session on the bike for a week. To my surprise my legs were feeling quite good throughout the ride and by the 8minute minute mark I had passed the 4km mark. I wanted to see if I could push out top the 5.5km mark at this point, it would be a stretch for me but just maybe it’d be possible. By the nine minute mark I knew this was beyond me as was passing the 5km mark at 9 minutes and thirteen seconds, it was now just a matter of how far I could go in the last 45 seconds that being 5.34kms.

I finished my session with the usual stretching exercises, as I sat there I thought about the missed sessions and opportunities over the past two weeks. I would really like to see myself ramp up the effort over this next four weeks, perhaps a cardio session every day (so two times at the gym on weights days) but I think a may take it one day at a time at the moment and see how far I get – I’m making it a one day at a time mentality from now on.

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