Get in Shape Challenge Day 64 – Tuesday 18th October

Today’s weights session is the first one I have done in a week. My lack of commitment to the training routine is something that I am going to try really hard to turn around this week, but, as I said yesterday, I feel that this will just need to be done at a speed of one day at a time.

I rose at 5:10am and felt absolutely terrible, my body has gotten used to staying in bed longer and that when coupled with terrible hay fever made me just want to go back to sleep. I forced myself out of bed and did my abdominal exercises before picking up my gym bag and heading into the gym. I had decided to prepare everything for the bag the night before to take out another objection to me actually following through with completing this session.

I arrived at the gym at 5:50am and was grateful that they had already opened up as it was raining outside and I would’ve hated standing around in the wet. After dropping my bag off in a locker I headed for the bench and loaded up the bar-bell to 65kg for my first set of 12 repetitions which I managed to complete quite easily. After a short break I continued with a lift of 72.5kg which I did 11 repetitions on before completing 3 complete repetitions on 77.5kg. This is the heaviest I have managed to do to date and I was happy with this at the beginning of a session.

Moving onto the incline press and my vertical lifts I picked up the usual 25kg and 12.5kg dumb-bells to alternate between the exercises. My first set of incline press went well with me managing to get through a complete 12 repetitions. I did struggle a little to get the weights into position however did manage to push through all repetitions once i got the weights up. My first set of the lifts also went really well with me completing all 12 repetitions on each arm. The second set of incline press was a little more difficult and I managed to complete 12 repetitions with 12 repetitions following per arm on the vertical lifts second set. My third sets I did struggle with, I did get out 10 repetitions on the incline press but only managed 6 repetitions before failing on the vertical lifts. This is an area that hopefully come Thursday I will find a little more form, I do think that the increased weight on the bench press probably had an effect on y overall form on this exercise.

My next exercises were the shoulder press (no incline) and bicep curls using the 20kg and 12.5kg dumb-bells respectively. Recently I had been using the 22.5kg dumb-bell for the shoulder press and was hoping to do this again, however all the 22.5kg weights were being used and I was not confident that I’d be able to safely get the 25kg into position without a spotter so opted for the lighter and safer option. I think that this proved to be a good option with me completing all three sets of shoulder with 12 repetitions where I could really focus on my technique and form making sure that I went all the way down to the lowest point before pushing back up. My bicep curls with the 12.5kg dumb-bells went well with repetitions of 12, 12 and 8, the final set despite me pushing really hard to get up the 9th repetition I just couldn’t lift it.

My triceps extensions and sitting shoulder flies were the next exercises I did and I used only the 12.5kg dumb-bell to complete these. I managed a complete three sets of 12 repetitions on the shoulder flies and would really like to try and increase this weight in the future but am worried that I will lose technique if I do go to a heavier load. My triceps extensions saw me complete 12 repetitions on each arm for all three sets. I was experiencing a bit of soreness in my elbows throughout this exercise so I will have to watch and be mindful of that come Thursday’s session.

I stayed on the flat bench for my next exercise, my dead lifts to target my deltoid muscle group. Using the 20kg weight I completed 12 repetitions for all three sets on each arm. At this point I looked over to the lat-pulldown machine and saw that it was being used so I moved straight onto my bicep and triceps exercises the hope being that by the time I had finished these that one of the 4 machines I could use would have become available for use. I picked up the 35 kg barbell for my bicep curls and did the first set which I managed a complete 12 repetitions keeping good form throughout the lifts, the last few were a bit challenging however i did manage to push through them. My second set of curls was more challenging and I only managed to get out 11 repetitions, it was on the third set that I really struggled managing only 7 repetitions. The triceps dips I got out all 12 repetitions for all 3 sets.

After completing these exercises I looked over to the lat-pull down area to see al the machines still in use! Unfortunately with school being back i didn’t have time to hang around this morning so I had to leave the session there and headed off to the change rooms for my shower and to get ready for my day of teaching.

Later in the day I have had an interesting conversation with one of the other music tutors who also works out. I was telling him how I am still having this trouble with losing the last bit of flab from my stomach area regardless of how well I eat or how much cardio I do. He has given me a suggestion of a supplement to take that he is using at the moment and having some success with. I think come Thursday I might go and grab myself some of this and add it to the various things I am currently taking to see if it will help me reach the goals before the end of the challenge.

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