Get in Shape Challenge Day 65 – Wednesday 19th October

Today marks the first disappointment for the week with me missing my morning session. I had set my alarm to go off at 5:05am with the hope being that I would get a cardio session prior to meeting with my mate Sam for coffee in West Perth at 7:00am. Unfortunately, I slept through my alarm and didn’t wake up until 5:35am which made it too late to get both coffee with Sam and the cardio session in.

My plan then changed to maybe be able to get in the session after coffee but then I remembered that I had organised a meeting with an online bridal advertising website who have approached me to see if I’d be interested in advertising my business¬†The Wedding Music Planner¬†through their site. This meeting was supposed to be at 9:00amm and as I need a good hour to get all the cardio stuff done and me dressed afterwards just knew it wouldn’t be possible. The really frustrating thing for me now is that the time is 9:15am and this business still has not called me to go through this website.

I am grateful that I have an indoor soccer game tonight for a little bit of fitness work, however I find that these games aren’t really that good for my overall fitness. I always finish the games with a lot of energy and not feeling like I really have done a workout at all. I am still hoping to start ramping up the intensity of the sessions and number of them to include a cardio session 5 – 6 times a week plus then weights on top of this. Whether this is realistic or not I am still not sure, I suppose until I start it this will just be hollow words but with 3 and a half weeks to go in the challenge I really am keen to give this everything I have got!

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