Get in Shape Challenge Day 66 – Thursday 20th October

I found today’s weights session a very difficult thing to commit to which, as I write this, makes me think of the fact that to be committed to a task can at times be a challenging exercise. So often in life we are controlled by how we feel rather than what we need to do to be successful and live up to the full potential inside of us. I have found that it’s in these times in staying focused and on task despite the lack of feeling like doing something that leads to the development of character and discipline in my life and in the long term I see the most reward from pushing through these hard times.

When the alarm went off this morning at 5:15am I just wanted to roll over and turn it off, I cam every close to doing this but managed to pull myself out of bed and do my morning routine of abs exercises before heading out the door to the gym. It’s already well and truly light by the 5:35am mark when I am on the road and it is interesting to see the increase in traffic since the days have been getting lighter earlier. I suppose it goes to show that a number of people are effected by the rising of the sun and start their days according to this rather than having the discipline of getting up regardless of the level of light there is outside.

After dropping off my stuff in the locker I headed to the bench and started my first set. Today’s task was to try and build on what I achieved on Tuesday’s session, with this in mind I loaded the bar to 65kg and did a complete set of 12 repetitions. My second set was also very successful managing 8 repetitions on 72.5kg, the last couple of reps in this set were quite a challenge to get out but this didn’t stop me deciding to try and push the limits on 77.5kg for my third set which I managed a full 4 repetitions.

I then continued my session on the incline press and vertical lifts using the usual dumb-bell weights of 25 and 12.5kg respectively completing the exercises alternatively. My incline press went really well today, as usual, the hardest part was lifting the weights into the starting position but once they were there I did manage to do sets of 12 , 11 and 9 repetitions which I am quite satisfied with. The vertical lifts I am finding challenging as already my arms were starting to feel fatigued. I did manage to complete a set of 12 repetitions for my first set followed by sets of 12 and 8 repetitions for my next two.

Moving onto the shoulder press and bicep curls I dropped my weight to 20kg for the shoulder press. I managed to complete the first set of this very easily and for a moment thought that perhaps I should have selected the 22.5kg weight for it. This thought was shortly lived as when it came to my second and third sets I did struggle to get the weight into position and then had to really push hard to complete both sets with the 12 repetitions that I was hoping for. My bicep curls with the 12.5kg went quite well with me completing a set of 12 repetitions followed by 12 and 9 repetitions.

At this point  moved onto a flat bench for the sitting shoulder flies and triceps extensions. I haven’t increased the weight with these exercises for quite a while and this morning was no different with me opting to still use the 12.5kg dumb-bells. The shoulder flies I did a full three sets of 12 repetitions however the last set was a total struggle and I am surprises I managed to get completely through it. My triceps extensions I found exceptionally difficult on both arms form the first set, for some reason today my arms were feeling tired. Although this was the case I did manage to push through and complete 12 repetitions on each arm.

I moved onto my dead lifts to work my deltoid muscle group on the flat bench next as my next exercise. I picked up the 20kg dumb-bel and completed 12 repetitions on both arm quite easily. I was also quite impressed with my technique today on this exercise, so much so that i think I will now need to increase the weight come Saturday’s session.

I had a look over to the lat-pulldown machines to see if they were available, which they weren’t so I moved onto my biceps curls and triceps dips. I picked up the 35kg bar-bell for my biceps and managed to complete a full first set of 12 repetitions. This first set I did find a lot more difficult than usual which made me realise that these sets were going to be a struggle to get through. The second set of biceps I did manage to get out 10 repetitions with another 9 repetitions occurring on the third set. As usual, my triceps dips were completed easily with 12 repetitions per set.

Today’s session ended up being great. This was not necessarily because of any new personal bests but more because it really felt like a test as to whether I could commit. I didn’t feel like doing this workout and wanted to stay in bed however I know that from doing it I will reap great results going forward which makes me feel really good about the decision to stay committed when the feeling wasn’t there.

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