Get in Shape Challenge Day 68 – Saturday 22nd October

Today I managed to achieve some new personal bests on some of the exercises I have been doing over the course of the Get in Shape Challenge. Whilst I always find that achieving these goals makes that particular session feel like I bigger accomplishment I am quite aware that this is only possible due to all of the sessions I have committed to previously where I have seen little or even at times no growth whatever. As I learnt from a Creative Arts Pastor from a church over in Sydney many years ago, to gain the skill first you need to have the will and then you need to do the drills.

The weights session today I did after having been down in Claremont accompanying one of my clarinet students in their second grade AMEB clarinet practical exam. After dropping off my gym bag in the locker I headed for the bench (which had just become free) and loaded it up with a heavier weight than I usually start with at 65kg which I completed a full set of 12 repetitions on this weight. For my second weight I loaded the bar to the weight of 72.5kg and completed another full set of 12 repetitions, the first time this has happened since increasing the weight levels. This achievement made me feel confident that I could achieve a personal best on the third set at the weight of 77.5kg, I started the third set and managed to do a complete four repetitions on it which is a new best for me, this really is getting me excited as my overall body weight is now sitting at 78.1kg so it is almost my own body weight I am benching now. Maybe in the next week I will look at increasing the weight to 80 kg, we’ll just have to wait and see.

From the bench press I headed over to the incline press and made the decision to increase the dumb-bell weight to 27.5kg to see if I could possibly do three sets with this weight. I managed to complete sets of 12, 10 and 9 with this heavier load, the last set was exceptionally difficult to get up into position and the last few repetitions really took a lot of effort to complete. In between each set I did my usual vertical lifts and managed a complete three sets of 12 repetitions with the 12.5kg dumb-bells.

I made the decision to stick with the 20kg dumb-bell for the shoulder press exercises, my reasoning for this was not because I was worried about not being able to lift the 22.5kg (I have done this before) but more to not over stretch my arms after already maxing the last two exercises. The first 2 sets on 20kg I managed to complete quite easily, the third I did only get out 10 repetitions before my arms failed, the hardest part of the exercises was definitely getting the weights up and into position. I alternated the shoulder presses with my sitting bicep curls, using the 12.5kg dumb-bells I managed to do sets of 12, 12 and 10 repetitions.

My sitting shoulder flies were the next exercise that I was going to do and I decided to increase the weight to the 15kg dumb-bells. I have been sitting on the 12.5kg dumb-bells for quite and whilst  have been talking about increasing the weight I hadn’t yet done so and given my success with other exercises figured I would give it a shot. This proved really successful with me completing a full three sets on the 15kg dumb-bells. I kept using the 12.5kg dumb-bells for my triceps extensions which occurred in between each set of flies and on these too I managed to complete a full three sets of 12 repetitions each arm.

I kept the 20kg dumb-bell and did my dead lifts to work my deltoids next and completed a full 3 sets of 12 repetitions on each arm, next week I will increase this weight to the 22.5kg dumb-bell to try and start pushing this exercise more. The gym was quite busy by this stage and I was a bit worried I wouldn’t et room back in the free weights area so i moved onto my bicep curls using the 35kg bar-bell and my triceps dips. I completed sets of 12, 10 and 6 repetitions for the biceps with 3 complete sets of 12 repetitions for the tricep dips.

Still the lat-machines were all in use, however the assisted pull up machine wasn’t, I headed over to it and set the weight on it to 20 and completed my first set to work my lats with 12 repetitions. For the second and third set I reduced the weight to 15 and managed to complete a set of 8 and then a set of 6 repetitions.

To finish the workout for the day I headed over to the mat area and did my abdominal exercises completing all of them as I had on the previous day. An interesting thing that I haven;t experienced before happened after finishing my set of 30 sit ups. I bent over to pick up the fit ball and my abs started to go into cramping, I immediately stretched them out to prevent htis from happening, it was just the weirdest experience I have ever had.

When I got home I took my first tablet of the Hydroxy Cut to see if it will help me lose this last bit of flab around my stomach and chest area. It says that over the next three days I need to take one tablet twice a day before increase to two for the next three days and then finally the full dose of three twice a day. I am going to have to really be disciplined with my food intake as these need to be taken a half hour to hour before my meals. Hopefully there won’t be any huge side effects…I will definitely make note of any that I experience over the next few weeks.

Tomorrow is my rest day, I have managed five sessions this week which is a big improvement, however if I don’t continue next week in a similar manner it is all meaningless.

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