Get in Shape Challenge Day 69 – Sunday 23rd October

I am feeling really good about myself and the week’s training that has just finished. I managed to complete five of the six sessions for the first time in many weeks and set a number of personal bests in terms of weights being lifted and the number of repetitions achieved. I also have had a number of good conversations with friends of mine who are also training hard on various supplements that might work well for me and helped me make the decision to look into trying something to burn the last bit of fat I just haven’t been able to budge from around my stomach region.

I bought “Hyrdoxy-Cut” on Thursday and started taking it yesterday, I am interested into whether there will be any side-effects into taking this or not as it is caffeine based. Today at my fiance’s family lunch to celebrate her nephew’s 5th birthday I think that I might have experienced some side effects to this supplement. I found myself feeling very warm, light-headed and seating more than usual…could these be possible side effects to this new supplement?

I think over the next few days I will make sure I keep my water intake up and continue to monitor how I am feeling

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