Get in Shape Challenge Day 7 – Monday 22nd August

Day Seven, the start of week 2 of the program and I was hoping a turning of the corner with regards to getting to the gym to do my cardio sessions. Unfortunately it didn’t happen again this morning. I woke up at 5:20am and deliberated getting up before deciding that I would get the necessary done in the afternoon after I finished teaching at Mater Dei College at 1:25pm.

The big fail was that I had forgotten I had organised a coffee catch up with someone in Leederville at 2:00pm which would make it impossible for me to do an afternoon session…basically massive fail on my behalf. The lesson that I do need to learn from this is to always get the session done in the morning, even if I think that there is a good possibility of doing it in the afternoon as it has clearly become evident that I will not get an afternoon session done.

On a positive note, my body is feeling refreshed after having the extra day off yesterday and I am looking forward to this week’s weights sessions to see if I can start to increase the load and repetitions I am doing on my various exercises.

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