Get in Shape Challenge Day 70 – Monday 24th October

As I write this post today it has occurred to me that it is the end of ten weeks since this challenge began, and it is interesting to see how far I have come over the course of this time. I have lost around five kg going from 84 kg down to just below 78kg depending on the time of day and I know that I will have put on muscle, meaning that the amount of fat I have lost is much more than that. I also know that this is true as I now fit into all my size 32 jeans way too easily, infact, all of my trousers for work are now proving to be way too big for me with me needing to tighten my belt and actually put extra holes into it to help keep my pants up! Unfortunately I still am holding that bit of fat around the middle of my stomach, I can feel the definition of the muscles underneath it strengthening, they just can’t break through as of yet.

Today’s session was a cardio session and I really didn’t feel like doing it. I had done extra students ,today at Mater Dei College due to the CHOGM public holiday in Perth on Friday and had other errands to run in the afternoon before getting to the gym. I decided to commit to the session and got to the gym in Subiaco just after 3:30pm. After dropping off my gear n the locker room I headed for the treadmill and started the usual routine with my run increasing the speed every five minutes from 7.5km/h to 10, 12.5 and finally on 14.5km/h each five minute interval. I managed to do this quite easily today which might mean I need to increase either the time or the intensity I spend on the treadmill in the coming sessions this week.

After finishing the run I headed for the ergo for my row. Today I was going to row for 10 minutes and decided to see how close I could get to the 2.5km mark in this time. he approach I used today was to try and keep the splits at as close to the 2 minute mark as possible to really be able to have a good crack at this elusive distance come the last 2 minute interval. I managed to keep the split fairly close throughout the first 8 minutes with it always being between the 1 minute and 58 seconds and 2 minute and 4 seconds for the splits. In the last two minutes i really lifted the intensity to try and push through the barrier, again I fell agonisingly short covering a distance of 2.481km in the 10 minute period.

I was absolutely spent and headed to the bikes for my 10 minute ride. I started out quite slowly for this one and had fallen 10 seconds behind my usual pace by the 2 minute mark. I decided to turn this around and managed to get it back to being ahead of the pace by 10 seconds by the 7 minute mark. My goal changed to see how close to 5.5km I could get by 10 minutes, by the 8 minute mark I was out to 14 seconds ahead of schedule for the 5kms and by the 9 minute mark 20seconds ahead of schedule. As with the row I fell short only covering a distance of 5.3km in the 10 minute period.

I headed over to the mat area and completed my abs exercises, this time with no cramping in my abs, before completing the session with my stretching. I am really happy with how my fitness has improved over this 10 week period, I feel one area I will start to look at working on next will be my sprinting ability and recovery from sprints, this will probably take place over the summer in an outside setting. Bring on Summer and the chance to keep pushing the boundaries and limits of what I can do and achieve.

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