Get in Shape Challenge Day 71 – Tuesday 25th October

This morning’s session I found quite a difficult one to commit to getting done. The session itself proved to be a great one, and in some ways I found it easier to get out of bed than I have in the previous few weeks, today’s problems were other peripheral challenges. Last night I got to bed at a reaosnable time for me (by 12:15am) meaning that by the time my alarm went off at 5:05 am this morning I would have gotten just under 5 hours sleep, which usually does me just fine, the problem is last night I had a terrible sleep. My sinuses are all blocked up at the moment, I have thought it had just been hay fever but unfortunately the more it continues the more I think there might be an element of the dreaded common cold in there as well. As a result of all my sinuses being blocked the last thing I felt like doing was a heavy weights session, never the less I got out of bed and headed into the gym in Subiaco.

I arrived at the gym 5 minutes behind my usual starting time which I knew would put me behind for the entire session. I headed for the bench and loaded the bar-bell with 65kg to do my first set of 12 repetitions which i did manage to do. This morning the weights felt heavier than usual and I felt a lot tighter through my chest area, I had a feeling that today was going to be one of those more challenging sessions. I continued with a second set of 72.5kg and managed to get out only 6 repetitions which is disappointing considering what was managed just a few days ago. My third set I loaded the bar to 77.5kg and managed to complete four repetitions which I am happy with, especially considering that i only managed 6 repetitions on 72.5kg.

Given how tight I tight I was feeling I didn’t exactly know how the incline press was going to go. I grabbed the 27.5kg weights and started the first set which I did managed to complete a full 12 repetitions, my first set of vertical lifts using the 12.5kg dumb-bells I also managed a full 12 repetitions. The second set on the incline press was a bit more challenging and at the end I really had to push hard and through the failing muscles to get out 10 repetitions, I do understand it’s at those difficult times that the most gain can be made which is why I kept pushing. My second set of vertical lifts I also managed to get to 10 repetitions before my muscles failed. The third set on 27.5kg was a bit disappointing only managing to get a good 7 repetitions, the third set of vertical lifts resulted in 8 repetitions.

Heading onto the shoulder press and biceps curls I again opted for the weaker options and picked up the 20kg dumb-bells with the 12.5kg dumb-bells for biceps. My first two sets on both exercises were quite successful managing a complete 12 repetitions each time. The third set proved to be a bit more challenging for both exercise with me struggling to get the 20kg into position to commence the shoulder press, once up I did manage to get through al 12 reptitions. My bicep curls proved to get the better of me with only 8 repetitions being completed before failure.

I changed weights to the 15kg dumb-bells for my sitting shoulder flies, I did keep out one of the 12.5kg dumb-bells for the triceps extensions I would be doing in between each set of flies. This heavier weight on the flies I am finding is really pushing me at this stage in the workout, I did still manage to get out three complete sets of 12 repetitions although the last set was a real strain to push through it. All three sets of the triceps extensions were completed on both arm with 12 repetitions in each set. i then completed the 3 sets of dead lifts to work my traps with the 20kg dumb-bell, 12 repetitions in each set with each arm.

My biceps curls and triceps dips were the next exercise I did. The gym was again very busy this morning, it seems that there is a real summer feel happening now and everyone is trying to get in shape before the summer begins. I grabbed the 35kg bar-bell and completed three sets of bicep curls with sets of 12, 8 and 6 repetitions. My triceps dips were completed with three sets of 12 repetitions.

To finish the workout today I headed over to the lat-pull down machine and did three sets starting on with a weight resistance of 60. I managed to complete a full 12 repetitions on this weight so increased it to 65 for the next two sets which I also managed to complete 12 repetitions each time.

As I write this my sinuses are still feeling absolutely blocked and totally gross, I do feel that the session this morning was a great one and a definite build on the previous ones over the past week and a bit. Tomorrow is supposed to be a cardio day, I haven’t decided as to whether or not I will do it as I also have my indoor soccer semi-final tomorrow night which i want to make sure I am not too tired for. It’s a hard decision to make, that call will be made later today.

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