Get in Shape Challenge Day 72 – Wednesday 26th October

Today I made the decision to not go and do my morning gym cardio session. Today’s decision was a very intentional one on my behalf due to the indoor soccer semi-final I was playing in tonight with my mixed team BXVI.

We ended up winning the semi-final 7-3 which means that we will get to play in our first grand final for a year next Wednesday night. It’s a little embarrassing for us to have gone so long without playing in a grand final considering we have finished on top every season and only lost one game in regular season for I can’t remember how many seasons now.

I seem to have injured my left calf in the game, it’s quite tight at the moment so I will probably rest tomorrow and definitely not play social soccer in a hope to get my body right for the next cardio session scheduled for Friday. The last thing I need at this stage of the challenge is a strained calf muscle as this would have huge effects on what I can and can’t do in the gym.

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