Get in Shape Challenge Day 73 – Thursday 27th October

Today i am feeling quite frustrated and annoyed with myself. I sustained a calf strain in last night’s semi-final indoor soccer victory and it has kept me from doing my morning gym session. I don’t think the injury is too bad and I imagine that I will be back on my feet again in a couple of days it’s more just the unfortunate timing being so close to the end of the challenge period and because I have been in great routine overt he past week.

All these things considered I am still going to take it easier rather than doing something foolish like trying to push through the pain. There will be no social soccer for me this afternoon and probably not even a cardio session tomorrow. My aim will be to be back in the gym for weights on Saturday morning with hopefully a light cardio session possible the start of next week.

Fingers crossed I haven’t done too much damage!

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