Get in Shape Challenge Day 74 – Friday 28th October

Today I have decided to take one more day off before getting seriously back into the challenge after my straining of my left calf on Wednesday night. Whilst my leg is feeling a lot better there is still a big lump in it and by taking today off it means I have until Monday before my next scheduled cardio session.

I have found it quite frustrating not being able to work out over the last couple of days, I couldn’t play the usual social game of soccer yesterday or do my weights sessions and now I miss another cardio session with time ticking away! All this aside I do know that this break to make sure my leg gets 100% right again is vitally important to my progression with the Get in Shape Challenge.

I should be able to manage my weights session tomorrow morning, this will be followed with my usual Sunday rest day which will prove very timely before hitting the gym again next week hopefully in full capacity and intensity.

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