Get in Shape Challenge Day 75 Saturday 29th of October

Today marks the start of the final two weeks of the official Get in Shape Challenge with it being exactly two weeks until my wedding day. I decided that due to this calf injury sustained playing indoor soccer on Wednesday night that it would be best to take one more day off to ensure that it fully does heal and recover before I hit the gym hard again next week.

Overall I am really happy with how the injury has healed with now me not feeling it at all when walking around, the size of the lump in the leg has also decreased incredibly.

Getting back to my current appearance I am also happy with how I am currently looking having trimmed down to 78kg, this amount might not seem like a great amount from what I was carrying, however I have done the difficult task of losing fat at the same time of putting on an increased amount of lean muscle…something that I had been told could not be done at the same time. Well, I guess I have proved them wrong!

Tomorrow is the scheduled rest day, I will take this to finish up my recovery routine before hitting the gym for some intense sessions in the lead up to final few days.


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