Get in Shape Challenge Day 78 – Tuesday 1st November

Today marked the opportunity for me to get back into the gym in my first session since injuring my calf last Wednesday night in our indoor soccer semi-final. when my alarm went off at 5:00am I will be the first to admit that it really was a struggle to get out of bed, whilst Im a waking up alright at this time the combination of having gotten used to a little extra sleep and my hay fever (which has been exceptionally bad for weeks now) did make quite difficult to do. After a moment of hesitation I was up and out the door heading for the gym in Subiaco.

I arrived at the gym at 5:45am and had to wait outside as it was not open yet, I have found it interesting how more people are up and at the gym first thing now that it is light by this time. The gym doors opened at 5:55am and after dropping off my things I headed for the bench to start my weights session. The bench press went quite well, I had no idea after missing two sessions what the outcome would be so I loaded the bar to 65kg to warm up and managed a full 12 repetitions. My next set I managed to get out 7 repetitions on 75kg before a final set of only 2 on 77.5kg. It is a bit of a disappointing outcome and I hope that come Thursday I can improve on this.

My next lot of exercises I was quite happy with the results I got. I did drop down the weight back to the 25kg dumb-bells for the incline bench press from the 27.5kg I used last week, I figured that with having missed two sessions it would be pretty arrogant to think I could just smash out where I left off when I really pushed hard to do this weight last week. With the 25kg dumb-bell I managed to get out three sets of 12 repetitions but the last set was a real struggle, especially the getting them up and into position, in other words it was a good move from me to drop the weight. In between these sets I did my vertical lifts with the 12.5kg dumb-bells, I managed these ones alright and got out all three sets of 12 repetitions.

As with the incline press I dropped my weight back to 29kg for the shoulder press, I knew that anything above this would be a big struggle for me to get out (and maybe even up into position). With this lighter weight I did manage to always get the weights into position, the last set was extremely difficult to, and did manage sets of 12, 12 and 9 repetitions. My bicep curls I did in between with the 12.5kg dumb-bells and managed to do 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

My arms were starting to feel quite tired at this stage but I was determined to push through and make this session a really good one. With this in mind i changed over onto a flat bench and got myself two 15kg dub-bells to do my sitting shoulder flies. I managed three sets of 12 repetitions with these (a new personal best) and also got out three sets of 12 repetitions on the triceps extensions with the 12.5kg dumb-bells in between each set of flies.The following dead lifts were also successful with 3 sets of 12 repetitions each arm wit the 22.5kg dumb-bell.

The lat-pulldown machines were all being used at this stage so I moved onto my bicep curls using the 35kg bar-bell and the triceps dips. I found the curls quite difficult today and only managed sets of 12, 9 and 6 repetitions before my arms were failing, as usual I did manage all three set of the dips with 12 repetitions each. With the time being limited that I had and the machines still all being used I decided to finish off my workout with some abdominal work. I went and got myself a medium sized fit-ball and did 30 sit ups on it – it is quite amusing to me doing this as although there are such lower repetitions really I am really feeling it through my abs when doing this here – no cramping today though thank goodness.

Today’s session i feel was a good start to get back into the routine. I am not sure as to whether I will come tomorrow and do a light cardio session as we do have the grand final on tomorrow night and are playing a very good team. It might mean an additional rest day before hitting the gym again on Thursday.

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