Get in Shape Challenge Day 8 – Tuesday 23rd August

My first scheduled weight session of the week, one that I went to bed last night really looking forward to due to how good my body has been feeling since having a couple of days with no weights training at all (Saturday being the last session).

My alarm went off at 5:00am and after pressing snooze for ten minutes I rose and got ready to head off to the gym. After completing my morning routine of abdominal exercises and prayer I packed my car and headed into Subiaco where I arrived at 5:55am (slowly I am getting better at timing the run to prevent me having to stand out in the cold whilst waiting for the gym to open).

Today I started to increase the weight on some of the exercises I have been doing. I started on the bench press and after completing the first set on 60kg fairly easily and without the tightness I was feeling last week I increased the weight to 65kg which I got out a set of 6 repetitions followed by a set of 8 with a 30 second break in between to rest. After these exercises I continued on with the routine and moved onto my inclined presses using dumb-bells which I increased to 17.5kg for each arm rom the 15kg ones I used last week. This same weight of 17.5kg I kept to use on my shoulder press as well (instead of the 15 kg). All of the exercises I was happy with the repetitions I got out (first set always 12 and then at least 10 and 8 on the second and third sets respectively). Depending on how tight i feel come Thursday I might try and push up some of these weights yet again (I think I will need to do some stretching over the next 24 hours to help me not tighten up too much). The remainder of the exercises I kept similar weights to last week apart from the bicep curls to finish which I increased to a 25kg bar-bell (maybe i will use a 27.5kg one on Thursday).

Overall today’s session felt really good, I did push myself to fail but I feel there is still a bit left in the tank for me to push out come Thursday’s session – I am really looking forward to that challenge!

The next challenge for me will be tomorrow morning’s session at the gym. I have not yet managed to do one cardio session due to no reason than my lack of commitment, I will turn that around tomorrow morning.


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