Getting Back into a Routine.

Day Forty Three – Thursday 3rd May.

It has been over two months since doing my last post, I would like to be able to say that it was just because I have been too busy and that I had been keeping to my fitness training six days a week, however this would be telling a lie. I have been finding it difficult to commit to my training sessions on a regular basis just because of overall tiredness levels, between the rigours of Uni and assignments, teaching full time as a tutor and band director, gigging and doing my best to be a good husband I just got to the point of exhaustion.

Since last Monday I have been making an effort to try and get back into some sort of routine, I really do want to get some regularity back into the gym sessions and get myself fit and in shape to a degree that I would be happy with. The past two weeks have had some success with me managing to train on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday last week and Thursday (today) this week. They say it takes up to three weeks to form a good habit so there’s still a long way to go, but I think I am up to it or at least give it a good shot.

I have started back on the weights sessions rather than just doing cardio and my goodness how it has hurt me. With sessions on Tuesday and Thursday last week and today on the Thursday my body is slowly getting back into the strains of resistance training, although it probably will still take a few weeks before my body is not in pain and stiffness for days after the session. I have been doing nothing too hard and strenuous and have lost about 15 kg off what I was comfortably lifting back at the beginning of November, this doesn’t overly bother me as I have always found that it is easier to get back to where you have been previously at a faster rate…you just have to take some time for the first few weeks getting everything back on track and all the muscles moving together properly.

I am going to do my best to try and start posting again every day on my progress and journey. I am not sure how realistic it is, especially with how hectic life is going to be over the next couple of weeks. I have worked it out that most nights I have a gig or a rehearsal and then there is a major assingnment due in at University by the end of next week which really needs to be done by the end of the weekend.

Fingers crossed everything all works out!


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