Heavy Legs to Start the Week

Day 14 – Monday 13th of February 2012.

I have found over my time of committing to these exercise sessions, both last years “Get in shape Challenge” and this year’s “Fitness Training 2012”, that the first session of the week is such a vital one in setting the atmosphere of what the week to come will be. I got up this morning at 5:30am looking forward to really trying to set the bar high for the week which will have 6 cardio sessions, 3 x cycles and 3 x cross training. I didn’t expect to find it as hard a session as I did.

I got to the gym just after 6:00am, today’s session was going to be my half an hour on the bike. I managed a new PB on the bike at the end of last week by riding 16.28 km in 30 minutes and I wanted to see if I could come close to beating that one today, unfortunately this didn’t happen. From the moment I got on the bike my legs felt tired and heavy, seriously as if I was carrying lead weights tied to both of my legs. Today was going to be one of those painful and mentally tough sessions that you just have to grit your teeth and push through.

I set my self the first target of riding 2.5km in the first 5 minutes, this would give me the base target of hitting the 15km mark that I was aiming for on Friday. I figured that by breaking the target into smaller ones that maybe I would be able to overcome the feeling of lethargy in my legs. I missed this first target only managing 2.2km in the first five minutes, it would have to be uphill from here. I knew that the distance could be made up but by the time I got to 10 minutes I was still behind, it wasn’t until the 10 minute and 30 second mark that I passed the 5 km mark, I was 30 seconds behind the mark I needed to be.

Knowing that this was going to be an uphill battle I decided to see if I could start to slowly eat into this time, I needed to pull back some of this time before the halfway distance of 7.5km to really have any chance. This was a huge effort to try and lift my rpm, I struggled to get it up above the 100 but managed to keep it at the 105rpm for the next 5 minutes. I passed the 7.5km mark at 15 minutes and 25 seconds, I had pulled back 5 seconds from my time.

My success gave me some hope and I kept pushing, maybe I could try and get back to being even by the 20 minute mark, I pushed to keep the rpm up at the same rate and slowly I could see myself gaining time. By the 20 minute mark I hadn’t quite gotten back onto par but had gained another 10 seconds to be only 15 seconds behind the minimum required rate. I continued to push and by the 26 minute mark I was up at 13.8km. I had a chuckle to myself at this point as on Friday I was passing the 15km mark at this time – I was 2 km slower than Friday’s time but this didn’t bother me as I could see it would be possible to make the 15km. I continued to push hard and crossed the 15km mark by 29.5 minutes, by the end of the 30 minutes I had ridden 15.15km.

Whilst this is not as good a distance as Friday’s I am happy that I managed to rise and push through the heaviness to get this result. Tomorrow’s session is supposed to be a cross training one, I am hoping it all goes well!

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