Juggling Many Balls

Day 73 – Tuesday 7th August 2012.

Some days I get up and feel like I am trying to juggle too many balls at the one time, ok in all honesty there’s many days that I feel like that but it is one of the things that keeps my life full and interesting at the moment. A lot of people would probably think that I am crazy and a sucker for punishment but I really do believe that the most growth only comes through being willing to go through the hardship of testing and being stretched in ones capacity – the more you are willing to be stretched then the greater the growth in the long run. A good friend of mine said something to me a couple of months ago as I sat with me having coffee whilst overlooking the beach up in Hillaries that has really resonated with me. I was sharing about how a lot of people have commented on me being mad trying to do so many things this year and his response was;

“Don’t worry about that because they are wrong, everything you are doing this year is a part of your personal story and journey, the testament of your life and it says a lot about your character and desire to grow and be disciplined in everything you do. Anyone who tells you otherwise really isn’t worth listening to as you have been created to be exceptional and are exceptional so don’t let the ordinary pull you down to their level. Be the 1% of the 1% of people who are truly exceptional in their life.”

These words continue to resonate and encourage me as I continue through this year and manage to find ways to keep all the balls not just in the air but well balanced, althoug there are moments.

This morning’s session was a great weights session. I was at the gym before 6:00am although it was a struggle to get out of bed this morning as I didn’t get to bed until after midnight. I had no reason to be so late with my bedtime apart from the reading of a good book at the moment and enjoying taking a little time to unwind after a hectic day of uni lectures and tutorials, teaching and then 6 hours of study and assignment work. I am not setting any PBs still at this point in time although I am continued to feel encouraged with the increase in the number of repetitions I am managing and shortening of time I need to recover from my sessions.

Today I will get the chance to do some additional university work as soon as I finish this  post, my biggest lesson I have learnt this year is to stay disciplined in the work that I do and keeping to task. If I take liberties of not applying myself then very quickly I am sure that I will fall behind and then I will be in serious trouble. Some people comment on me being lucky that I am disciplined and well organised in my life and approach to everything. I always laugh at this to myself, discipline and organisation I don’t believe are traits that come naturally to anyone, they are skills that are learnt through regularly committing yourself to the tasks that need to be accomplished. Anyone can be organised, it just takes the decision to start and taking it one day at a time allowing yourself the leeway that at times you will fall short but in the long run you will improve and develop the skill.

As my dad would always say;

“Give a busy man a job and you know it will get done.”

I aspire to be that sort of man who can be relied upon to accomplish tasks and never use the excuse of being busy.

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