Loving the Rest Day

Day 20 – Sunday 19th February 2012.

Today’s rest day was one that was extremely enjoyable and very relaxing, so relaxing in fact that it has proven me difficult to get the energy and enthusiasm to actually write my daily post!

I woke up this morning feeling quite tired after having a gig last night with Odette and Mercy and her Soul Atomics for an RTR fundraiser that was being held at the Grey Door Gallery which is located upstairs at the Claremont Hotel. I didn’t end up finishing the show until after 1:00am and it was more like 2:00am before I got home and closer to 3:00 before I managed to get to bed.

After having celebrated Mass at Holy Spirit in City Beach we skipped the usual coffee so Melissa could do the preparation needed for her mum’s surprise birthday lunch, this really suited me as it meant I got an extra couple of hours sleep. We headed off to Melissa’s parents’ place for lunch and enjoyed the company and celebratory atmosphere over lunch. I always enjoy lunches we have, talking with and listening to the diversity of her siblings and the conversations that take place is always one of the experiences through my week where I learn many things. I believe you can always learn something from anyone, it’s a matter of always having the ability to acknowledge that everyone has value and experiences that can be a valuable addition to my life journey.

As I write this I am sitting in the car waiting for Melissa’s practice soccer to begin at a local park in Noranda, as we’ve taken just the one car it does give me the chance to do some work whilst waiting for the game to start. It’s quite hot so I think I will stay in the ld car in the air conditioning for a while. I am really enjoying being able to come along to Melissa’s game and support her, she continues to amaze me with her toughness and ability to grow and develop as a soccer player.

Tonight we’ll be heading out to a good friend’s welcome home celebrations in East Perth. This really will be the perfect end to one of my rest days with everything important to me from God, to family (between my family last night and Melissa’s today), Melissa and friends all getting a look in.

The training regime will continue tomorrow at 6:00am with a cycle session. I am still going to do another couple of weeks of basic cardio work rather than any weights in my attempts to get my fitness up. The cycle sessions will stay the same, hopefully I will be able to set a few more PBs this week as well. I will raise the intensity on my run this week, still running for 20 minutes but probably pyramid the run into five minute intervals with 7.5km/h, 10km/h, 12.5km/h and finishing on 10km/h probably being used.

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