North West Trip Day Three Part One – Weano and Hancock Gorge

Day Three – Saturday 6th August

Karijini National Park – Weano and Hancock Gorges

Saturday morning was set to be our first full day in Karijini and posed to be an exciting adventure for Melissa and me with us being booked to go through the restricted areas of Weano and Hancock Gorges with West Oz Active Tours.

We rose early and had breakfast at the Eco Retreat reception area, this was also the meeting place with our guide, Pete, and the other member of our tour, Brendan. After having taken care of all the business side of the day, including payment and the signing of forms, we headed off to Pete’s campsite in Anzac Annie, Pete’s van, to be fitted out with the various pieces of specialised equipment that we would need throughout the day to complete our adventure in safety and comfort.

After arriving at Pete’s campsite Melis was taken in to the changing tent to start being fitted out. Brendan and I waited outside and had various bits of equipment brought out to us to try on. The temperature this morning was quite cold and Pete told us that the temperature of the water in gorges was very cold making it important that we were fitted out properly to combat the cold as well as be able to move safely and comfortably. Pete kitted all of us out in this material known as “Shark Skin” a light-weight suit similar to what is used by swimmers and tri-atheletes to keep them warm an improve performance. We all were given a pair of pants and two tops (a long sleeve with a short sleeve for over the top) this was all designed to help keep our core temperatures up and prevent the onset of hypothermia. Pete then also fitted us out with thermal socks and climbing sandals as well as a climbing belt (with the appropriate rigging) and helmet. After receiving all the gear and being kitted up we headed off for the Weano Recreation Centre to start our adventure.

To be continued…

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