Not Making the Distance

Day 16 – Wednesday the 15th of February 2012.

Today I had planned to try and beat my previous best distance over 30 minutes on the cycle of 16.28km, unfortunately this didn’t happen with me only managing a distance of 15.98km inside the set 30 minute time limit. Whilst there is a part of me disappointed about not being able to set a new PB during today’s session I am feeling really happy about the progress that I am making, my fitness levels seem to be improving and my overall intensity of effort seems to be consistently higher. I am also very grateful that, at the moment, my body seems to be holding up to training six days a week and not feeling like some muscle is going to go‚Ķthe only hindering factor at the moment seems to be my right knee.

I rose at 5:30am, this was a bit difficult as I got to bed slightly later, I was very tempted to stay in bed not for a sleep reason but more because I haven’t seen much of my beautiful wife Melissa over the past couple of days and the thought of lying in bed and just being present for a bit longer (nothing dodgy) was quite appealing to me. I wrestled myself back to reality and the task that needed to be done and got ready and headed into the gym for the session.

I was determined today to make this one count and started on the cycle, I was setting a pretty good pace at between 90 to 100 rpm for the first five minutes, this however wasn’t proving good enough to make the target of over 2.5km to ensure the minimum 15km – I was already behind! I tried to pickup the pace to make up the difference and by the 10 minute mark was only just behind the marker having done 4.8km instead of the minimal 5km.

I knew that the rate wold need to be lifted more to surpass my 16.28km with the 5m in 10 minutes being the minimal amount needed to do 15km. I upped the rate to sitting at 106rpm and did my best to hold this speed, I found it difficult as for some reason today I just couldn’t get into a good rhythm at this speed which meant it kept fluctuating between 98 and 106rpm. By the 15 minute mark I had managed to push ahead of the required distance to ride 15km in the time slot but the goal of setting a new PB was getting harder with me only having ridden around the 7.8km mark in the first half. At this rate I was going to struggle to make the 16km mark!

I kept trying to raise the intensity over the next 5 minutes but kept coming up against the same problem of not being able to hold a constant rhythm. By the 20 minute mark I had managed to push further ahead and had ridden 13km, this was still short of what I needed to ride to break my best distance. I was going to need to go all out for the last 10 minutes to have any chance.

I finally managed to lift my rate and keep it around the 110rpm, by the 25 minute mark I had ridden 13.32km, I needed to ride over 2.5km in the last 5 minutes just to break the 16 km mark. I tried lifting the rate again and had some success managing to hold the speed of 116rpm for some time. By the 28 minutes and 30 seconds I had passed the 15km mark, it was a matter of how close I could at least get to 16km in 90 seconds. As the clock kept ticking I pushed really hard and managed to reach the distance of 15.98km in the time limit.

The 16km mark was missed, I guess it means that I have something more to aim for in the coming days!

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