Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics Friday 12th August 2011

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Date : Friday 12th August – Saturday 13th August 2011

Time : 11:30pm – 3:00am

Venue : The Ellington Jazz Club

Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics returned to Perth’s premiere jazz club venue, the Ellington, to entertain the crowds as a part of the “Late Night Groove Sessions” on Friday the 12th of August 2011.

After having had over a month since our last performance (The RTR Winter Music Festival on the 26th of June) we returned to what I personally believe is the best sounding stage in Perth. Whilst the vibe and atmosphere at the Ellington is totally different to any other place in Perth, it is a jazz club and not a pub or night club, I always love the appreciation of the crowds at the Ellington and also playing in an environment where at the end of the night I can leave and still feel like I can hear (it is also a great bonus that throughout the show I can always hear myself and the entire band clearly and not an overpowering level. This is largely due to the house sound engineer, Liam, every time I have played at the Ellington he has been in control of the sound desk and carries the responsibility of the atmosphere of the room and as of yet he hasn’t missed the mark once on any of the shows I have done there.

The evening of the show had some interesting factors right from the outset, Miss Odette Mercy was ill and would have have to push through barely being able to breathe in order for the show to go on plus a large portion of the band were having to get on a coach at 5am the next morning to head off to Kalgoorlie for a gig with the Funk Club House Band. This was also going to be the first time we had gone with a three piece horn section at the Ellington, having proved very successful at the album launches at the end of April, Alistair McEvoy rejoined the band on Tenor Saxophone whilst I (Simon Montgomery) moved to doubling between the Alto and Baritone Saxophones. This role of playing the baritone saxophone is one that I am thoroughly enjoying with this band, hopefully i will be able to continue to pick up more and more work as a baritone saxophone player as well as on the other instruments I play professionally.

The show started with our “Soul Atomics Theme” and straight into “Up To You”  one of the tunes which is featured on our recently released single “Wait in Vain”. Our opening segues moving from “Theme” to “Up to You” and then into “You’ve Got Soul” and “Wait in Vain” are really getting tight and were appreciated by the audience for the energy level was kept at a high throughout the first 20 minutes of the first set. The first four songs of the set feature Jamie Searle on guitar who produced some brilliant solos that really captured the heart of the songs and kept the audience captivated and interested.

The remainder of the first set continued to build the intensity set up by the band in the first 20 minutes. Solos from Alistair McEvoy, myself and Jimmy really kept the crowd sitting on the edge of their seats, with one audience member continually requesting more baritone sax solos throughout the set. Personally I felt the solos in Ogg’s Groove (an instrumental tune) were some of the best of the set with all three horns blowing powerful improvisations which were developed both rhythmically and melodically. Another highlight of the set came in the song “What’ll I Have To Do” when Miss Odette Mercy asks the audience for relational advice on “how to get her man back after treating him wrong”. For the first time in the band’s existence it felt like this segment of the night was going to fail (the crowd had no relational advice at all) until the final relational advice to “give him the best sex he has ever had”. 

The second set commenced with us playing the full Theme of the Soul Atomics, complete with solos from all the horns this tune really set the scene for the entire set. Unfortunately, quite a few people left in the break between the two sets (must’ve been because it was about 1:45am) but soon after we started more people started coming in off the street from other places around the city. The second set continued in the same vain as the first one finished, solo highlights included Al McEvoy on “Booby Trap” and “Gold Digger” as well as Simon Montgomery on the baritone saxophone on the song “Three Hip Cats”. The biggest highlight of the second set was the MC freestyle addition to “Gold Digger” which was appreciated by all of the band as much as all of the listeners.

The set concluded with the tunes “Gold Digger”, “Tell it Like it Is” and “Fear of the Feeling” segued together, over these songs all of the horns were featured soloists with Alistair McEvoy on “Gold Digger”, Simon Montgomery on “Tell it Like it Is” and all horns trading two bar sections on “Fear of the Feeling”. 

A huge thanks to the Ellington for the opportunity to be able to perform as a part of the late night groove sessions and to everyone who came along to support us on the evening. Our next performance is coming up in the next few weeks at Boheme, Perth’s latest club located in the centre of Perth. We hope to see you down there at it.

If you haven’t already checked out Odette Mercy’s New Single, make sure you check it out and buy it via download.

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