Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics Friday 2nd September 2011

Gig Details

Band : Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics

Date : Friday 2nd September 2011

Time : 11:00pm – 12:00am

Venue : Devilles Pad – Funk Club First Fridays “Soul Sugar”

Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics returned to Devilles Pad for the first time since their debut single launch “Wait in Vain” back in april 2011 to be a part of the lineup for the Funk Club’s monthly “Soul Sugar”. The evening gave all signs of going to be a killer evening featuring not only the original tones of the Atomics and Miss Odette but also Junkadelic, DJs Pawel, Charlie Bucket and Jim Pearson as well as a live fire show from Valentino.

The Soul Atomics set was scheduled to start towards the end of the evening at 11:00pm and finishing right on midnight. The hour set that been organised was full of all the well known and loved original songs that the Soul Atomics having been playing around Perth for the past three years including “Wait in Vain”, “Up To You”, “You’ve Got Soul” and “Tell it Like it is”  to name only a few of the tunes. This gig was the first we we had done for a while back the reduced lineup of only two horns (myself on sax and Jimmy “the lips” Murphy on Trumpet) and we also had John Brown filling in on drums for Zen Fusion who was unavailable due to other gig commitments.

Just after 11:00pm the set started with the usual sounds of “The Soul Atomics Theme” setting the high energy and funky attitude that would follow throughout the entire set. To a roaring applause from the fairly full house Miss Odette Mercy took to the stage as the Soul Atomics segued into “Up To You” which featured the guitar skills of Jamie Searle in the solo section. Jamie was also featured on the following tune “You’ve Got Soul”. 

The next two songs, “Box Me In” and “Wait in Vain” featured me as the soloist on Tenor Saxophone and Alto Saxophone respectively. Unlike our previous few gigs all of the solo sections were reduced in length to try and fit as many songs into the one hour set as possible and keeping the focus where it should always remain on Miss Odette Mercy. At the conclusion of these songs the band segued straight into the soulful “Baby” from the first note of the extended horn introduction to the final hits performed by the band this song really sits in a great groove that everyone enjoys to listen to. Odette Mercy’s vocals carry a degree of authenticity and heart in them that I feel is rarely heard amongst singers performing today.

The song “What do I Have to do” came next and included the introduction performed by Jon Fernandes (bazz) and Jamies Searle (guitar) in a different key before modulating to the vocal key 8 bars before the vocals and horns enter. This tune featured an alto saxophone solo but this always plays second fiddle to the inclusion of Odette’s interaction with the crowd asking the age old question of “What do I have to do to get my man back when I treated him wrong?”. This evening provided some interesting answers including dancing for them (at which point two young ladies came forward to dance with each other), sing louder (that same old chestnut we hear every show) and get your “Jimmy Shimmy” on, a dance made up and performed on request by our trumpet Jimmy Murphy.

Jamie Searle launched into iconic riff of “Gold Digger” to start the phat groove of the next song. The horns, in with Odette Mercy, provided great support with tight punchy lines behind her powerful vocals. This song lead straight into the start of “Tell it Like it is” and really signals that the evening’s set is coming to a close with the tunes rounding up with “Fear of the Feeling” and “How Many Times” which featured John Brown on drums.

A huge thanks to the Funk Club, Fun Factory and Devilles for having us as a part of the bill for the night, we had a great time. An even greater thanks to everyone who came along and supported the evening the atmosphere you all created is what made the night the great success it was. The next Soul Atomics gig is booked currently for Friday the 30th of September at the Bakery supporting Booker T. This night will sell out so get your tickets early.

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