Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics Friday 30th September 2011

Gig Details

Band : Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics

Date : Friday 30th September 2011

Time : 9:30pm – 10:30pm

Venue : Artrage Bakery – Supporting Act – Booker T. Jones.

On Friday the 30th of September I played with Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics as the supporting act for soul legend, Booker T. Jones at the Bakery, the Artrage venue in Northbridge. We had all been looking forward to this show ever since we discovered we were doing the support a couple of months ago as to be on the same bill as such an iconic legend was such a huge honour. We had to run a few extra rehearsals for this show largely due to our regular guitarist, and fill-ins, all being away. We called on the guitar talents of Dan Carrol from Sneaky Weasel Gang to fill in the void for the show.

We rocked up for our sound check at 7:30pm and set about running all the segues between songs, we had planned to make this the high energy set that we love to use for big events. I found sound check for this show fantastic as both Jimmy and I could hear our horns nice and clearly, something which is unfortunately not always a given. After finishing the soundcheck we had some down time until our set was due to start at 9:30pm, the doors opening at 9:00pm.

We started the set right on 9:30pm with our the usual “Soul Atomics Theme” which has become our standard introduction piece, the high energy horn lines and grooves from the rhythm section I felt really set the mood and intensity for the entire set. From the end of this tune we kicked straight into “Up to You” with Zen Fusion and Jon Fernandes taking the band to a higher level of intensity with the Afro grooves of this tune. The powerful vocals from Odette Mercy set the already growing crowd alive and made those still entering from outside take notice of this Perth band whose reputation around this town just continues to grow in stature. Both this song and the following song, “You’ve Got Soul”, featured our guest performer Dan Carrol who produced some melodic and very soulful solos that suited the mood and created excitement amongst the crowd.

At the end of “You’ve Got Soul” the band moved straight into the Bluesy tune “You Won’t Find Me” the horns presenting the catchy riff up a tone from the original key before modulating down into the standard key after the fourth bar. For this show we shortened this song, it provides some great contrast to the high energy set list that had already been presented and provides a chance for the audience to breathe before the tempo is picked up again with the next tune “Box Me In” which featured me on Tenor Saxophone.

At the conclusion of “Box Me In” Miss Odette Mercy’s warmth in personality and ability to charm the crowd came through as the band setup the Soul ballad “When You Say My Name”. This tune with the catchy guitar driven riffs and tasteful horn backing lines really provides a nice contrast to the rest of the band’s set and got the audience in a peaceful “loving” mood.

From the conclusion of “When You Say My Name” the intensity of the band’s set continues to build through until the final song. The guitar of Dan Carrol launched into the Funky grooves of “Gold Digger” which featured a tenor saxophone solo as well as a vocal break down from the whole band in the bridge of the song. At the conclusion of the tune Zen Fusion set up the segue to flow effortlessly into “Tell it Like it is” one of the tunes that were released earlier in the year as a part of the AA 7″ single. This tune and the next one “Fear of the Feeling” featured alto saxophone solos.

At the conclusion of “Fear of the Feelng’ we had run out of time so headed straight into the “Soul Atomics Theme” to conclude our set.

A huge thanks to everyone for allowing us to play one this night as the supporting act. We had a great time. Our next gig is coming up on Saturday the 8th of October at The William Street Bird in Northbridge. We hope to see you all down there for what will be an awesome night.

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