Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics Saturday 26th June 2011

Gig Details:

Band : Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics

Date : Saturday 26th June – Sunday 27th June 2011

Time : 11:30pm – 12:50am

Venue : The Swan Basement

Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics contributed their services to this year’s RTR Winter Music Festival which was held in various venues throughout Fremantle, Western Australia over the weekend of the 26th – 27th of June 2011.

The Soul Atomics were asked to be the final act of the evening of the 26th of June at the Swan Venue, located on Queen Victoria Street, North Fremantle. The Soul Atomics took the stage just before midnight and had an hour to entertain the crowd with their soulful original tunes including the tunes “What in Vain” and “Up To You” which had just recently been released as the EP “Wait in Vain” a month earlier.

By the time the Soul Atomics launched into their first song, Soul Atomics Theme, the crowd had increased in size to be at capacity in this venue. The dance floor was filled to a point where it was difficult for people to do more than stand and watch whilst tapping their toes to these memorable tunes. The atmosphere created by such a large crowd was magnified by the dimensions of the room, being a basement gave the atmosphere of being rather in one of those well known underground clubs where local independent music is supported in New York City or London.

At the start of the second song, “Up to You”, the crowd gave a mighty raw as Miss Odette Mercy tok the stage for her first song of the evening. This song has a catchy 12/8 feel to it which creates a fantastic forward momentum which really helped set the mood and intensity for the remainder of the evening.

Miss Odette Mercy continued to entertain the crowd throughout the entire evening with her soulful and crisp vocals as well as her warm and welcoming personality. Highlights of the evening included her interaction with the crowd int he song “What’ll I have To Do” where she asked audience member for relationship advice to help her get her man back. The set continued to build in its intensity, especially from the start of the tune “Gold Digger” where a series of segues join the remainder of the set including the tunes “Tell it Like it is”, “Fear of the Feeling” and “How Many Times?”.

A huge thanks to RTR and the Sawn Basement for the opportunity to be a part of the Winter Music Festival and being able to show our support for the local music scene. Finally a huge thanks to everyone who came down and supported the show, the atmosphere and attitude of our supporters always makes playing our shows so much more enjoyable.

If you haven’t already checked out Odette Mercy’s New Single, make sure you check it out and buy it via download.

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