Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics – Saturday Night Divas

Gig Details:

Band: Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics

Date: Sunday 19th February 2012.

Time: 12:20am – 1:00am.

Venue: Grey Door Gallery – Claremont Hotel.

On Saturday the 19th of February Odette Mercy and her soul Atomics played at the Grey Door Gallery as a part of the fundraiser “Saturday Night Divas” organised to support RTR radio station. The evening featured many of the top female performers in Perth including BOOM BAP POW, Rhanda Khamis in a solo / DJ set, the Afro-Creole sounds of Grace Barbe and Perth’s Lady of Soul Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics to conclude the evening’s performances.

Our set, the closing one for the evening, was running from 12:20am to the closing at 1:00am of the Sunday morning. We arrived to find a crowd that was a little smaller than the organisers had expected for the night, although the receptivity and enthusiasm of those in attendance made up for the smaller number in quantity…the quality of audience was excellent.

We started our set a little after 12:30am as the event was running behind, this was our first show since Odette Mercy’s Heart Break Dance at the Perth Fringe World Festival a fortnight ago in the treasury cabaret room. We were featuring our new tunes for the first time in one of our standard set, with the limited time we were planning on having a high energy set to entertain the enthusiastic crowd that had gathered.

The set began with the started with the sounds of the “Soul Atomics Theme” which lead straight into familiar sounds of the snare drum introduction to “Wait in Vain”. Tonight’s set had an energy and enthusiasm about it from the Soul Atomics that was contagious and got the crowd moving on the dance floor. With the limited amount of time for this set the band kept all the solos to their smallest length to allow Miss Odette to get the most number of songs in. After a short blistering alto saxophone solo from Simon Montgomery and the chorus being sung again the band moved into the 12/8 number “Up To You” which featured the ever soulful and tasteful Jamie Searle on guitar. At the conclusion of this song the band moved into “Box Me In” which featured Simon Montgomery on tenor saxophone. at the conclusion of the solo section Odette Mercy slowed down the feel to a half time groove for the crowd that she then free improvised over before bringing in the third and final verse.

At this point int he show we launched into our new songs “Ain’t Nothing You Can Do” and then “Heart Break” which both debut as a part of The Heart Break Dance held a fortnight before as a part of the Fringe World Festival. The tunes have breathed a fresh breath of life into the set of the group and were received warmly by the audience. Odette Mercy entertained the crowd and managed to bring an element of crowd participation with the song “Heart Break” with her actions for the chorus asking the audience to “slow it down and put on the heart break”.

By the end of this song the band had run out of time for the rest of the set and headed into the final song for the evening “How Many Times”. The tune featured Zen Fusion and his ability to listen to the wants of women during his featured drum solo and interaction with Odette Mercy.

A huge thanks to everyone who came down for the show, make sure you stay tuned for more upcoming shows from Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics. My next show booked at this stage is happening on the 1st of March with the Pimps of Sound down at Clancy’s Fish Pub in Fremantle. I hope to see you along for a great evening with some great bands and a fantastic atmosphere.

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