Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics – Sunday 16th October 2011

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Band : Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics

Date : Sunday 16th October 2011

Time : 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Venue : The Fremantle Arts Centre

On Sunday the 16th of October Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics took to the stage setup in the Fremantle Arts Centre Courtyard to entertain a gathering crowd for the Courtyard Music Series, a free concert series supported by the Fremantle Arts Centre and 720ABC featuring some of the best local Western Australian music talent.

The day was a really warm one with the temperature reaching over 35 degrees for the first time since the previous summer season, all the crowd enjoyed an afternoon in the sun having a beer or wine whilst the Soul Atomics entertained in their stylish black suits. This show was booked at as a two set show meaning that it would use up the majority of the current Soul Atomics repertoire, some of which it had been a while since we had performed live due to a lot of the recent shows being one set “super sets”. Another exciting aspect of this show is that it is the first show we had done in a while where all the members of the band were present with Jamie Searle being back on guitar for the first show since returning from being on tour with the Grace Barbe band.

Our first set commenced just after 2:00pm with the shortened version of the “Soul Atomics Theme” which is performed at the beginning and ending of every set of music. The first part of the set contained all the standard segues and smooth transitions between songs that have become expected from the Soul Atomics with the tunes “Up to You”, “You’ve Got Soul”, “You Won’t Find Me” and “Box Me In” all performed to start off the set and set a high energy and soul moving atmosphere which saw members of the crowd get up and start dancing at the front of the stage.

The Soul Atomics moved into the instrumental “New Orleans” at the conclusion of “Box Me In”. This fun loving piece was the perfect fit for a day that felt like the middle of summer with its light and happy summer vibes and grooves. The song featured solos from Simon Montgomery on tenor saxophone and Jimmy Murphy on trumpet and was received with great appreciation from a crowd that continued to build in size.

The set continued with Odette Mercy singing the soul ballad “When You Say My Name” which featured a trumpet solo from Jimmy Murphy. At the conclusion of this song the Soul Atomics continued with another instrumental, “Ogg’s Groove” written in honour of drummer Jason Ogg and featuring his favourite drum groove. This hard moving funky tunes featured solos by both horns with the first part of each solo taking part over a minor tonic chord vamp before the chorus chords are brought in to finish the solo.

The Soul Atomics finished the set with “What Do I Have to Do?” a song that has become a crowd favourite due to Miss Odette Mercy’s interaction with the crowd. In asking members of the audience what she should do to get her man back after treating him poorly Odette Mercy was given a very unique answer at this show – “Give him steak and guinness pie” one male member of the audience called out. Another gentleman suggested that she “Give Him Money”apparently, to him at least, money can buy you love.

The band finished the first set with the “Soul Atomics Theme” before taking a well earned set break for the next 20 minutes.

The second set commenced with the performance of the full “Soul Atomics Theme” this song is only performed in its entirety at shows where we play more than one set of music, with today’s show it featured a tenor saxophone solo by Simon Montgomery before Zen Fusion laid out some funky hits on the drum it. The conclusion of this song saw Jamie Searle commence the catchy guitar hook at the start of the instrumental tune “Booby Trap”. This song features the horn players trading in the solo section starting with 8 bars before moving to 4s then 2s in the bridge before both improvising simultaneously over the last ‘A’ section of the song. There was some good interaction between the horns on this show and they managed to build an atmosphere of excitement especially throughout the bridge section of the song leading back into the final ‘A’ section.

Zen Fusion moved straight into the familiar crotchet snare rhythm of “Wait in Vain” at the conclusion of “Booby Trap” being joined by the guitar before both horns and bass entered after 8 bars of rest. This high energy soul number got the crowd up dancing for the first time since the set break which set the perfect mood into the slower and more soulful “Baby”. Keeping the “romantic” vibe the band continued after “Baby” with the ballad “Call on Me” which featured Jimmy Murphy on trumpet for a solo over the “A” sections of the song.

The band started the concluding sequence of tunes with “Gold Digger” followed by “Tell it Like it is”, “Fear of the Feeling” and “How Many Times”. These songs, all high energy numbers kept the crowd up and dancing on their feet for the next 20 minutes with Odette Mercy’s powerful commanding the attention and respect of every listener in the audience and Simon Montgomery’s saxophone solos providing an energy that complemented the heavy grooves being set down by the rhythm section.

The set concluded with the “Soul Atomics Theme” which was met with applause and calls for an encore from an appreciative audience.

Thanks to the Fremantle Arts Centre for the opportunity to perform as a part of the Courtyard Music Series as well as to the many people who came along and supported us. The Soul Atomics next gig is not until the 10th of November when we will be at Mojos in North Fremantle supporting Randa and the Soul Kingdom in their album launch being held on that night. My next show booked is on the 27th of October at the Shed in Northbridge with drum and bass group “The Pimps of Sound”. I hope to see you at one of my upcoming gigs soon.

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