Overcoming the Feeling of Apathy

Day Ten – Thursday 9th February 2012

I found today’s session a real struggle to commit to actually getting done. We had our indoor soccer game last night, which we won 4-3, at 8:45pm but by the time we got home, had dinner and cleaned up it was 11:40pm. I have been so good at getting to bed no later than 11:30pm but knowing that I hadn’t seen a lot of my wife during the day I decided it was more important to sit up and spend some time with each other. This meant that I wasn’t going to get to bed until at least 12:30 and whilst an hour might not seem like a big difference it is when it means that you are getting at a maximum four and a half hours sleep instead of five and a half hours.

The alarm went off at 5:15am and I felt like I had just gone to bed, I considered my options for the day…do I get up and do the session now, do I go back to sleep for a bit longer and then get up as I don’t start work until 12:00pm today or do I skip it all together? After some deliberation I decided on the second option and reset the alarm for 6:30am to get myself an extra hour of rest.

The alarm went off at 6:30am and I found myself in the same position, thinking of the same options I had an hour earlier. I wanted to do the session but I really couldn’t be bothered and was trying to find every and any excuse not to get up and do it. Luckily, I recognised this and fought against the apathy to get out of bed, get ready and head off to the gym.

I arrived at the gym at 7:00am and headed for the cycles. Today’s session was going to be another one like Tuesdays as my knee is still feeling quite stiff and sore. I set myself the target of trying to ride 15km inside of 30 minutes, a target that I knew would really push and challenge me. I set off at a slow pace loosening off the tired muscles from last night’s game. By the 10 minute mark I was already behind having only ridden 4.2km at an energy output of 128W and revs of around the 80rpm. I knew that it was still possible to make the target but would need to pick up the pace if I was going to make it. By the 10 minute mark I had ridden 9.0km at a revs of around the 90rpm and energy output of around the 134W. At this point I knew that to make the 15m mark was probably going to be beyond me, I did want to get as close as I could to this magic mark so I increased the work rate again to 100 rpm and an output of 150W. By the 30 minute mark I had fallen short of the set goal by 1.2km having ridden 13.8km inside 30 minutes, I am a little disappointed that I didn’t reach the goal but I do know that this will leave me with some room to grow. Tomorrow’s session I might have to see if i can make up that 1.2km difference and hit the 15km mark.

To finish with I did a series of stretches, I am finding my legs are really tightening up a lot throughout the sessions and my knee ends up being quite sore. After strecthing for the 20 minutes or so everything feels like it is getting looser and I headed home. I have a lot to get done today, hopefully this session gives me the burst of energy and focus I need to get through the day and my attitude to overcoming an apathetic view will carry over into my other asks for today.

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