Reaching New Limits

Day 32 – Friday 2nd March 2012.

Well, today’s session proved to have an interesting turn of events in it that I never expected, I set my second personal best distance for the week over a 30 minute time period. On Wednesday when I finally broke through the 17km mark I was really quite excited but at the same time didn’t know how much more I’d have in me with regards to improvement….I guess today’s session sort of answered that one pretty quickly! As I reflect on being able to push so much further past the 17km mark it reminds me a little of the 4 minute mile which no one could break, it was apparently impossible, until one man did and then in the next year another 40 odd people did as well. Mind over matter and breaking through the mental blocks we put on ourselves seems to yet again be one of the biggest barriers we have to overcome to achieve our fullest potential.

I got up this morning at 5:30am, not having had the best sleep after a late night with my Pimps of sound gig last night, I struggled out of bed and managed to get ready for the gym session I had ahead. By the time I got to the gym I was feeling relatively awake…the drive there was a bit of a struggle, but I managed, and arrived by 6:05am and was on the cycle by 6:10am.

I wanted to ride a good distance in today’s 30 minute ride, I felt this was important to follow up and build on what was achieved on Wednesday but had no idea whteher it would be possible or not. I started off at a good pace and was covering good distance for time over the first five minutes having travelled around 2.7km by the 5 minute mark. I hadn’t yet started to calculate out what this speed would achieve if I kept it up over the entire 30 minutes but I was feeling good.

By the 10 minute mark I had noticed that I had covered 5.6 km which meant that I had actually gained more ground in the second five minute period. A was feeling pretty wrapped, not to mention pretty knackered, that I was making so much distance and set myself the next task of seeing how far past the 8km mark I could be by the 15 minute mark. Ideally I would have liked to have hit 8.5km by the 15 minute mark but just fell short of this having ridden 8.48km in the first 15 minutes.

My next task was to have ridden over 11km by the 20 minute mark, which I managed to achieve by riding the distance of 11.5km. This distance covered put me in a great position, I had 10 minutes to ride 5.5km to get over the 17km mark – a feat that was now definitely possible.

I elevated the work rate trying to get over 15km by the 25 minute mark, I just missed this having ridden 24.5km. I reassessed and decided that by the 27.5 minutes I sold have gotten over 16km, which I did easily. By the start of the 29th minute I passed my best distance of 17.07km, it was now a dash to the finish with the end distance being 17.7km in the 30 minute period.

I am really wrapped with this, it does leave me with an interesting situation…is it possible for me to break the 18km mark in the next week or two?

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