Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics Friday 30th September 2011

Gig Details

Band : Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics

Date : Friday 30th September 2011

Time : 9:30pm – 10:30pm

Venue : Artrage Bakery – Supporting Act – Booker T. Jones.

On Friday the 30th of September I played with Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics as the supporting act for soul legend, Booker T. Jones at the Bakery, the Artrage venue in Northbridge. We had all been looking forward to this show ever since we discovered we were doing the support a couple of months ago as to be on the same bill as such an iconic legend was such a huge honour. We had to run a few extra rehearsals for this show largely due to our regular guitarist, and fill-ins, all being away. We called on the guitar talents of Dan Carrol from Sneaky Weasel Gang to fill in the void for the show.

We rocked up for our sound check at 7:30pm and set about running all the segues between songs, we had planned to make this the high energy set that we love to use for big events. I found sound check for this show fantastic as both Jimmy and I could hear our horns nice and clearly, something which is unfortunately not always a given. After finishing the soundcheck we had some down time until our set was due to start at 9:30pm, the doors opening at 9:00pm.

We started the set right on 9:30pm with our the usual “Soul Atomics Theme” which has become our standard introduction piece, the high energy horn lines and grooves from the rhythm section I felt really set the mood and intensity for the entire set. From the end of this tune we kicked straight into “Up to You” with Zen Fusion and Jon Fernandes taking the band to a higher level of intensity with the Afro grooves of this tune. The powerful vocals from Odette Mercy set the already growing crowd alive and made those still entering from outside take notice of this Perth band whose reputation around this town just continues to grow in stature. Both this song and the following song, “You’ve Got Soul”, featured our guest performer Dan Carrol who produced some melodic and very soulful solos that suited the mood and created excitement amongst the crowd.

At the end of “You’ve Got Soul” the band moved straight into the Bluesy tune “You Won’t Find Me” the horns presenting the catchy riff up a tone from the original key before modulating down into the standard key after the fourth bar. For this show we shortened this song, it provides some great contrast to the high energy set list that had already been presented and provides a chance for the audience to breathe before the tempo is picked up again with the next tune “Box Me In” which featured me on Tenor Saxophone.

At the conclusion of “Box Me In” Miss Odette Mercy’s warmth in personality and ability to charm the crowd came through as the band setup the Soul ballad “When You Say My Name”. This tune with the catchy guitar driven riffs and tasteful horn backing lines really provides a nice contrast to the rest of the band’s set and got the audience in a peaceful “loving” mood.

From the conclusion of “When You Say My Name” the intensity of the band’s set continues to build through until the final song. The guitar of Dan Carrol launched into the Funky grooves of “Gold Digger” which featured a tenor saxophone solo as well as a vocal break down from the whole band in the bridge of the song. At the conclusion of the tune Zen Fusion set up the segue to flow effortlessly into “Tell it Like it is” one of the tunes that were released earlier in the year as a part of the AA 7″ single. This tune and the next one “Fear of the Feeling” featured alto saxophone solos.

At the conclusion of “Fear of the Feelng’ we had run out of time so headed straight into the “Soul Atomics Theme” to conclude our set.

A huge thanks to everyone for allowing us to play one this night as the supporting act. We had a great time. Our next gig is coming up on Saturday the 8th of October at The William Street Bird in Northbridge. We hope to see you all down there for what will be an awesome night.

Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics Friday 2nd September 2011

Gig Details

Band : Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics

Date : Friday 2nd September 2011

Time : 11:00pm – 12:00am

Venue : Devilles Pad – Funk Club First Fridays “Soul Sugar”

Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics returned to Devilles Pad for the first time since their debut single launch “Wait in Vain” back in april 2011 to be a part of the lineup for the Funk Club’s monthly “Soul Sugar”. The evening gave all signs of going to be a killer evening featuring not only the original tones of the Atomics and Miss Odette but also Junkadelic, DJs Pawel, Charlie Bucket and Jim Pearson as well as a live fire show from Valentino.

The Soul Atomics set was scheduled to start towards the end of the evening at 11:00pm and finishing right on midnight. The hour set that been organised was full of all the well known and loved original songs that the Soul Atomics having been playing around Perth for the past three years including “Wait in Vain”, “Up To You”, “You’ve Got Soul” and “Tell it Like it is”  to name only a few of the tunes. This gig was the first we we had done for a while back the reduced lineup of only two horns (myself on sax and Jimmy “the lips” Murphy on Trumpet) and we also had John Brown filling in on drums for Zen Fusion who was unavailable due to other gig commitments.

Just after 11:00pm the set started with the usual sounds of “The Soul Atomics Theme” setting the high energy and funky attitude that would follow throughout the entire set. To a roaring applause from the fairly full house Miss Odette Mercy took to the stage as the Soul Atomics segued into “Up To You” which featured the guitar skills of Jamie Searle in the solo section. Jamie was also featured on the following tune “You’ve Got Soul”. 

The next two songs, “Box Me In” and “Wait in Vain” featured me as the soloist on Tenor Saxophone and Alto Saxophone respectively. Unlike our previous few gigs all of the solo sections were reduced in length to try and fit as many songs into the one hour set as possible and keeping the focus where it should always remain on Miss Odette Mercy. At the conclusion of these songs the band segued straight into the soulful “Baby” from the first note of the extended horn introduction to the final hits performed by the band this song really sits in a great groove that everyone enjoys to listen to. Odette Mercy’s vocals carry a degree of authenticity and heart in them that I feel is rarely heard amongst singers performing today.

The song “What do I Have to do” came next and included the introduction performed by Jon Fernandes (bazz) and Jamies Searle (guitar) in a different key before modulating to the vocal key 8 bars before the vocals and horns enter. This tune featured an alto saxophone solo but this always plays second fiddle to the inclusion of Odette’s interaction with the crowd asking the age old question of “What do I have to do to get my man back when I treated him wrong?”. This evening provided some interesting answers including dancing for them (at which point two young ladies came forward to dance with each other), sing louder (that same old chestnut we hear every show) and get your “Jimmy Shimmy” on, a dance made up and performed on request by our trumpet Jimmy Murphy.

Jamie Searle launched into iconic riff of “Gold Digger” to start the phat groove of the next song. The horns, in with Odette Mercy, provided great support with tight punchy lines behind her powerful vocals. This song lead straight into the start of “Tell it Like it is” and really signals that the evening’s set is coming to a close with the tunes rounding up with “Fear of the Feeling” and “How Many Times” which featured John Brown on drums.

A huge thanks to the Funk Club, Fun Factory and Devilles for having us as a part of the bill for the night, we had a great time. An even greater thanks to everyone who came along and supported the evening the atmosphere you all created is what made the night the great success it was. The next Soul Atomics gig is booked currently for Friday the 30th of September at the Bakery supporting Booker T. This night will sell out so get your tickets early.

To keep in touch with my upcoming performance dates make sure you become a fan of my facebook page or connect with me via my website.

Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics Friday 12th August 2011

Gig Details

Band :

Date : Friday 12th August – Saturday 13th August 2011

Time : 11:30pm – 3:00am

Venue : The Ellington Jazz Club

Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics returned to Perth’s premiere jazz club venue, the Ellington, to entertain the crowds as a part of the “Late Night Groove Sessions” on Friday the 12th of August 2011.

After having had over a month since our last performance (The RTR Winter Music Festival on the 26th of June) we returned to what I personally believe is the best sounding stage in Perth. Whilst the vibe and atmosphere at the Ellington is totally different to any other place in Perth, it is a jazz club and not a pub or night club, I always love the appreciation of the crowds at the Ellington and also playing in an environment where at the end of the night I can leave and still feel like I can hear (it is also a great bonus that throughout the show I can always hear myself and the entire band clearly and not an overpowering level. This is largely due to the house sound engineer, Liam, every time I have played at the Ellington he has been in control of the sound desk and carries the responsibility of the atmosphere of the room and as of yet he hasn’t missed the mark once on any of the shows I have done there.

The evening of the show had some interesting factors right from the outset, Miss Odette Mercy was ill and would have have to push through barely being able to breathe in order for the show to go on plus a large portion of the band were having to get on a coach at 5am the next morning to head off to Kalgoorlie for a gig with the Funk Club House Band. This was also going to be the first time we had gone with a three piece horn section at the Ellington, having proved very successful at the album launches at the end of April, Alistair McEvoy rejoined the band on Tenor Saxophone whilst I (Simon Montgomery) moved to doubling between the Alto and Baritone Saxophones. This role of playing the baritone saxophone is one that I am thoroughly enjoying with this band, hopefully i will be able to continue to pick up more and more work as a baritone saxophone player as well as on the other instruments I play professionally.

The show started with our “Soul Atomics Theme” and straight into “Up To You”  one of the tunes which is featured on our recently released single “Wait in Vain”. Our opening segues moving from “Theme” to “Up to You” and then into “You’ve Got Soul” and “Wait in Vain” are really getting tight and were appreciated by the audience for the energy level was kept at a high throughout the first 20 minutes of the first set. The first four songs of the set feature Jamie Searle on guitar who produced some brilliant solos that really captured the heart of the songs and kept the audience captivated and interested.

The remainder of the first set continued to build the intensity set up by the band in the first 20 minutes. Solos from Alistair McEvoy, myself and Jimmy really kept the crowd sitting on the edge of their seats, with one audience member continually requesting more baritone sax solos throughout the set. Personally I felt the solos in Ogg’s Groove (an instrumental tune) were some of the best of the set with all three horns blowing powerful improvisations which were developed both rhythmically and melodically. Another highlight of the set came in the song “What’ll I Have To Do” when Miss Odette Mercy asks the audience for relational advice on “how to get her man back after treating him wrong”. For the first time in the band’s existence it felt like this segment of the night was going to fail (the crowd had no relational advice at all) until the final relational advice to “give him the best sex he has ever had”. 

The second set commenced with us playing the full Theme of the Soul Atomics, complete with solos from all the horns this tune really set the scene for the entire set. Unfortunately, quite a few people left in the break between the two sets (must’ve been because it was about 1:45am) but soon after we started more people started coming in off the street from other places around the city. The second set continued in the same vain as the first one finished, solo highlights included Al McEvoy on “Booby Trap” and “Gold Digger” as well as Simon Montgomery on the baritone saxophone on the song “Three Hip Cats”. The biggest highlight of the second set was the MC freestyle addition to “Gold Digger” which was appreciated by all of the band as much as all of the listeners.

The set concluded with the tunes “Gold Digger”, “Tell it Like it Is” and “Fear of the Feeling” segued together, over these songs all of the horns were featured soloists with Alistair McEvoy on “Gold Digger”, Simon Montgomery on “Tell it Like it Is” and all horns trading two bar sections on “Fear of the Feeling”. 

A huge thanks to the Ellington for the opportunity to be able to perform as a part of the late night groove sessions and to everyone who came along to support us on the evening. Our next performance is coming up in the next few weeks at Boheme, Perth’s latest club located in the centre of Perth. We hope to see you down there at it.

If you haven’t already checked out Odette Mercy’s New Single, make sure you check it out and buy it via download.

Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics Saturday 26th June 2011

Gig Details:

Band : Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics

Date : Saturday 26th June – Sunday 27th June 2011

Time : 11:30pm – 12:50am

Venue : The Swan Basement

Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics contributed their services to this year’s RTR Winter Music Festival which was held in various venues throughout Fremantle, Western Australia over the weekend of the 26th – 27th of June 2011.

The Soul Atomics were asked to be the final act of the evening of the 26th of June at the Swan Venue, located on Queen Victoria Street, North Fremantle. The Soul Atomics took the stage just before midnight and had an hour to entertain the crowd with their soulful original tunes including the tunes “What in Vain” and “Up To You” which had just recently been released as the EP “Wait in Vain” a month earlier.

By the time the Soul Atomics launched into their first song, Soul Atomics Theme, the crowd had increased in size to be at capacity in this venue. The dance floor was filled to a point where it was difficult for people to do more than stand and watch whilst tapping their toes to these memorable tunes. The atmosphere created by such a large crowd was magnified by the dimensions of the room, being a basement gave the atmosphere of being rather in one of those well known underground clubs where local independent music is supported in New York City or London.

At the start of the second song, “Up to You”, the crowd gave a mighty raw as Miss Odette Mercy tok the stage for her first song of the evening. This song has a catchy 12/8 feel to it which creates a fantastic forward momentum which really helped set the mood and intensity for the remainder of the evening.

Miss Odette Mercy continued to entertain the crowd throughout the entire evening with her soulful and crisp vocals as well as her warm and welcoming personality. Highlights of the evening included her interaction with the crowd int he song “What’ll I have To Do” where she asked audience member for relationship advice to help her get her man back. The set continued to build in its intensity, especially from the start of the tune “Gold Digger” where a series of segues join the remainder of the set including the tunes “Tell it Like it is”, “Fear of the Feeling” and “How Many Times?”.

A huge thanks to RTR and the Sawn Basement for the opportunity to be a part of the Winter Music Festival and being able to show our support for the local music scene. Finally a huge thanks to everyone who came down and supported the show, the atmosphere and attitude of our supporters always makes playing our shows so much more enjoyable.

If you haven’t already checked out Odette Mercy’s New Single, make sure you check it out and buy it via download.

Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics Saturday 28th May 2011

Gig Details:

Band: Odette Mercy and Her Soul Atomics

Date: Saturday 28th May.

Time: 8:30 – 10:00pm

Venue: Private Residence in Sorrento, Western Australia

Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics performed as the feature band at a private birthday party on the 29th of May 2011. This show was a little different to many of our previous shows with the party requesting we perform a ‘super’ set of 90 minutes straight from 8:30 – 10:00pm. Whilst this proved to be a fantastic opportunity to work on all of our transitions between songs and really keep the energy and atmosphere at a high level throughout the set it logistically proved to be physically challenging, especially to myself and Jimmy ‘the lips’ on trumpet with concerns about our lips being able to get through such an intense blow. This feeling about it being an intense blow was magnified knowing all of the tunes would be extended in length and that it would be expected that all of my solos would be extended in their length (not that I was complaining about this fact).

We were joined for this set by John Brown (drums) and Karl Hiller (guitars) as our usual drummer and guitarist, Zen Fusion and Jamie Searle, being unavailable due to giggin commitments with other bands. The set commenced in our usual manner with us performing the full version of the Soul Atomics theme song. The rhythm section kicked off with a great level of energy and were really sitting in the pocket, this made for a great platform for us to be able to launch into the solo section. Miss Odette Mercy joined the band at the conclusion of theme as we launched into ‘Up To You’ this song featured an extended solo by Karl Hiller on guitar. Karl was also featured on the next song ‘You’ve Got Soul’.

At the conclusion of ‘You’ve Got Soul’ we went straight into the revamped version of ‘You Wont Find Me’. For this show although starting up a key (the same key as You’ve Got Soul) and then resolving down a tone to the original key we performed the full length version. The song also featured Jon Fernandes on bass guitar, his extended solo sat in the groove and was a great addition to the song. From this song we went into the song ‘When You Say My Name’ this tune featuring the vocals of Odette Mercy and a flugel horn solo by Jimmy Murphy was extended for this show with the addition of a saxophone solo over the bridge of the tune. The chord changes of this tune (especially the bridge) are great fun to blow over with it being possible to really wail in a soulful and passionate manner which I feel really adds to the song (yes I know I am biased in this being the soloist).

‘The Reverend’ John Brown brought the drums into the groove for ‘Wait in Vain’ which marked the start of the combination of this great dance tune and the soulful ‘Baby’. In all of the gigs that we have done I have never experienced these songs not getting the crowd up and dancing. This night was no exception, after Miss Odette invited the crowd up to dance they remained up for the entire two songs and also into the next song, “Booby Trap”.

“Booby Trap”  an instrumental number that began with the guitar riff played by Karl Hiller. Usually thid dong features a horn section soli (Jim and I rade 8s then 4s then 2s before both soloing simulatneously) tonight, however, due to the need of an extended set I took the entire solo to help Jim’s lips a bit of break.

At the conclusion of Booby Trap we moved in a direction we never have as a band before. We were asked if we could do a song that people would know. I found this concept quite humorous as we are an original soul band, meaning that we don’t do covers in our set (we know plenty but its not the band’s thing). Never the less we did a version of the classic tunes by Gershwin “Summertime”. From the end of this tune we continued back into our set of original music.

The soulful and funky “Gold Digger” was played next and we had a few technical difficulties with this one as Karl broke one of his guitar strings which he needed to fix. To cover this we made the sax solo extra long and developed it away from the standard form into a 12 bar blues.

We have worked hard as a band on our transitions between songs and the remainder of our songs we like to run together. At the end of “Gold Digger” the drums transitions into the next tune “Tell it Liie it is”. Unfortunately on this gig something didn’t quite line up with it and so our usual tight transition didnt quite work as well. These next few songs all featuedr myself as main soloist. This “Tell it” led flawlessly into”Fear of the Feeling”, another high energy number that keeps the crod pumping (usually) unfortunately by this stage the dance florr was pretty empty and we seemed to be playing to an empty room. Our final two songs, “What’ll I Have to Do?” and “How Many Times” went off perfectly with the rhythm section seeting up a great groove very much in the style of the James Brown band.

The overall show was fantastic from a musical point of view. I felt we overcame many difficulties including having a couple of deps filling in and needing to play such a long set of music. It was a bit unfortunate that the guests of the party seemed to be excited about the lived music for the firts part of the evening but then it was almost as if the novelty of having a live band wore off as the evening continued, but hey, that can go with the territory of private functions at people’s houses. People seemed to be having a good time and enjoying themselves so we can complain too much at all.

The Soul atomics next gig booked in at  the moment isn’t until the 26th of June as a part of RTRs Winter Music Festival in Fremantle. We are playing at the Swan Basement as a part of a great nights entertainment. Presale tickets are $20 and its advisable you get a hold of one of those as tickets on the door will be liited and more expensive as well.  If you are free we hope to see you there!


Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics Sunday 15th May 2011

Gig Details:

Band : Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics

Date : Sunday 15th May 2011

Time : 8:00pm

Venue : Mojos Bar North Fremantle

On the 15th of May 2011 Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics took to the stage of Mojos Bar in North Fremantle for the second installment of their debut single launch, “Wait in Vain”. This night was designed to show appreciation to the many fans of the band from Perth’s southern suburbs who could not attend the launch at Devilles Pad two weeks earlier.

To distinguish this evening from the previous one held at Devilles, Miss Odette invited Dillip and the Davs to come and join in the fun by supporting us prior to our hour and a half set of music. Dillip and the Davs are a well known and loved local Fremantle band who perform regularly throughout the Fremantle area. They were delighted to be a part of the evening’s celebrations and entertained the crowd with an hour of high energy original music that kept the audience entertained and the dance floor moving.

At around 9:00pm the Soul Atomics took the stage to continue the celebrations with their set of high energy original soul tunes. Unlike the launch at Devilles the band had reduced back to its standard size of two horns and one guitar. Miss Odette Mercy took the stage after the Soul Atomics theme was played with a great deal of energy and excitement. From the first note sung in “Up to You” through to the final note in “How Many Times” Miss Odette held the audience captivated with her warm personality and soulful singing.

A huge thank you to everyone who came down to Mojos for our southern launch, it was great to see so many familiar faces and so many vinyls sold on the evening. If you haven’t had a chance to get a copy of the latest singles yet they are available to down load and can be bought by following this link.

We look forward to seeing you all at our next public show on the 26th of June at the Swan Baesment as a part of RTRs Winter Music Festival.

Askari Afrobeat Orchestra 14th May 2011

Gig Details:

Band : Askari Afrobeat Orchestra

Venue : Devilles Pad

Date : 14th May 2011

On Saturday the 14th of May I performed with the Askari Afrobeat Orchestra at Devilles Pad in Perth, Western Australia.

This was the first show that this band has had since our February night at Kulcha and after blowing off some cobwebs at the sound check it was great to get back together with this great bunch of guys to play this high energy music to a packed out venue. I always find the energy this 13 piece band creates one of the most enjoyable experiences I have as a professional musician.

This evening presented some new territory for the band, usually performing as a part of Afrodesia, the band presents two sets over a three hour period but on this evening we only were booked to play one set. This proved a great change as we selected a variety of our high energy sets and ran many tight segues between songs ranging from music by Fela Kuti to Ethiopian Jazz and Afro Creole to even some of our own original songs performed in an Afrobeat style and arrangements.

Our set began at 10:30pm with the Ethiopian song “Muziqawi Silt” by Girma Beyene. The 3/4 groove laid down by the bass and guitars over the 4/4 puls of the drums sets up a fantastic groove for the horns to play the melody and then improvise over. Alistair McEvoy’s tenor saxophone created a great deal of tension and release which lead well into the melody being presented again with just drums and the horns. At the conclusion of this song the band proceeded into the tune “Kyentiyen Bi Adi Mawu”  this featured the vocals of Grace Barbe as well as solos from Jimmy Murphy on trumpet and Simon Montgomery on alto saxophone.

At the conclusion of this “Kyentiyen”  the band launched into the original song “Up to You”. This song, originally a soul song by Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics has been arranged into an afrobeat style especially for this band. The song started by guitars launches into an open percussion solo featuring Shane Kearney on Congas and Djembe as well as John Brown on hand percussion. The entire band, lead by drummer Zen Fusion, saw the intensity move up another gear with the horn melody starting in unison and then moving to four part harmony between the trumpet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone and baritone saxophone. The solo for this song featured Alistair McEvoy on tenor saxophone, the 8/8 pulse from the rhythm section and the backing stabs from the horns provided the means for Alistair to be catapulted into an intense rhythmical barrage of fluid 8th note lines and high wails that kept the crowd moving on the dance floor.

The song “Mardillo” saw Grace Barbe retake the lead singer position. This tune, again in 6/8 features the rhythm section in a solo and floating introduction in a minor key. The band kick up into a medium fast dance tempo at the conclusion of the introduction with Grace bringing in the vocals which encourage the crowd to join in the dance in Afro Creole. I personally love the horn lines on this song, the use of harmony and the syncopation across the 6/8 feel creates such a light and playful feel that just makes everyone and anyone who has any sense of time and rhythm want to dance. The solo for this song was performed by Simon Montgomery on alto saxophone, the tonal qualities of the alto really suit this song with there being a great blend between a light playful feel and a bluesy wail.

The next tune, “Heaven”, commenced with a tight unison phrase performed by the whole band. After the rhythm section grooved on a vamp for a while the horns bring in a high energy melody that really highlights the use of call and response in African music with the trumpet stating the first part of the melody before being answered by the saxophones. Jon Fernandes, on keys, performed a blistering solo over the high energy groove being laid down by the rhythm section. The effective use of stops in this song, both in the melody and throughout the solo section created a great change in intensity and gave Jon more ideas to play off throughout his solo.

The entire evening was a fantastic success with the dance floor totally packed throughout the Askari high energy set. A huge thanks to everyone who came out to listen to us and enjoy a great night out. As we have always experienced at Devilles Pad, the energy and atmosphere created on the dance floor draws more out of us as performers.

Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics Friday13th May 2011

Gig Details:

Band : Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics

Date : Friday 13th May 2011

Time : 8:30pm

Venue : The William Street Bird.

Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics joined forces with Boom Bap Pow to deliver a night of soul, energy and a touch of sophistication with a twist. The theme for the evening, being black tie…with a twist, encouraged the audience to get in the mood of these two local bands that have set a definitive standard of dressing well with both the Atomics and Boom Bap Pow boys regularly donning the white shirt and black tie to keep in the theme and spirit of the music.

The entire evening was a huge success, word had gotten out about the lineup that was playing as a part of the evening and the venue prior to the Atomics playing their first song was packed to capacity with people lining up outside waiting to get in.

Fresh off our EP launch the previous weekend at Devilles Pad, the Soul Atomics and Miss Odette were primed and ready for one high energy packs hour of our original soul music which has made us a well known act around the local Perth music scene. The transitions between songs were tight and clean and Miss Odette, as always, was on fire with her ability to charm the crowd with her combination of warmth and attitude as well as her beautiful clear soulful lead vocals.

Thanks to the William Street Bird for the opportunity to play as a part of the evening of black tie.

Our next show is on tomorrow night (the 15th of May) down at Mojos in North Fremantle. This is our second night of our debut EP launch “Wait in Vain” for those who couldn’t make the first at Devilles either because it was the wrong night or because it was too far North. Doors open at 8:00pm and it is $10 entrance, we are fortunate to be joined on the night with the well known and loved Fremantle band Dillip and the Davs. Hope to see you down there supporting local music.

If you haven’t already done so, check out and download our debut EP “Wait in Vain” by following the link.

Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics 29th April 2011

Gig Details

Band : Odette Mercy and Her Soul Atomics

Venue : Devilles Pad

Event : AA 7” Vinyl Launch Night 1 (Northern)

Date : 29th April 2011

On Friday the 29th of April Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics launched their much anticipated (and well overdue) debut single, “Wait in Vain”, at Devilles Pad in Perth, Western Australia. The single, has been in creation for the past couple of years and features four of the original tunes that have been co-written by Jon Fernandes and Odette Mercy and features solos by Fred Wesley, a name that is synonymous with the style of soul due to his long tenure as the trombonist with the late James Brown in his band.

The evening, promoted as a Soul Review, featured all of the favorite original songs from the Soul Atomics in a new fresh arrangements which included an expanded three piece horn section and a second guitar. The first set of the show also featured the vocals of two guests singers, Donovan de Souza from the Accumulated Gestures and the one and only Natalie Alley, two very talented individuals who blessed not only the Soul Atomics but also the 400+ fans there to celebrate the launch of our first single.

At the conclusion of the first set the Soul Atomics took a half hour break before the main act featuring Miss Odette Mercy got under way. This 90 minute set of high energy toe -tapping original soul featuring an expanded versin of the soul atomics with two guitars (Jamie Searle and Karl Hiller) as well a three piece horn section (Jimmy ‘the lips’ Murphy, Al McEvoy and Simon Montgomery). The set started in the traditional Soul Atomics manner with the Soul Atomics theme being performed in its entirety. At the conclusion of this song the crowd erupted as Odette Mercy took the stage for the first time for the evening.

The set continued with the new and improved arrangements of all of the songs that the Soul Atomics have become well known for across Perth over the past three years. The audience really appreciated the effort the band had gone to to work on transitions between songs with the energy given off from the stage being infectious across the dance floor which was packed full for the entire evening. At the conclusion of the set Odette Mercy was rejoined on stage by Donovan d’Souza for the encore of the ballad “When You Say My Name” . Donovan’s silky smooth soulful vocals complemented Miss Odette’s perfectly to create the perfect end to an extraordinary evening of original soul music.

A huge thanks needs to go out to everyone who made their way to Devilles Pad to join in the celebration of our debut single launch. For those who didn’t manage to get along to the show we are playing at the William Street Bird on the 13th of May followed by our second night of celebration for the single launch down at Mojos in North Fremantle on the 15th of May.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out as of yet make sure you download Odette Mercy’s new tunes from the single “Wait in Vain”.

Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics 16th April 2011

Gig Details

Band: Odette Mercy and Her Soul Atomics

Date: Saturday 16th April 2011

Time: 8:30 – 11:30pm

Venue: Ocean One Bar, Scarborough, Western Australia

At 8pm on the 16th of April 2011 Odette Mercy and Her Soul Atomics returned to Ocean One Bar in Scarborough Western Australia for an evening of original live soul music.

Over the past few weeks we have been doing a lot of rehearsing and preparation for our debut AA 7” vinyl release “Wait in Vain” featuring trombonist Fred Wesley at Devilles Pad on the 29th of April and this gig was to be our last hit out of the new arrangements and transitions between our songs that we hoped to use on the night.

Our regular trumpeter, Jimmy “the lips” Murphy original couldn’t join us on this gig because he had previously been booked by another one of the bands that he plays in so instead we had lined up a horn section of myself on alto saxophone and Al McEvoy on tenor saxophone. Al has done many gigs with us whenever either Jimmy or myself have been unavailable and has joined the band for our album launch where we have expanded the horn section to three horns. A few hours before the show Jimmy found out he could do the gig, this proved ideal for us as it gave us a chance to play the full arrangements of the songs that we were going to use in a fortnight’s time. A big thanks needs to go out to Jon Fernandes who managed to organise for me a baritone saxophone at short notice for me to be able to double on with my alto for the three part horn arrangements (this fill in horn was needed as I got the call that this change was happening after I already had left home without my baritone and there was no way I was going to be able to get back there prior to the time we were starting the gig).

Our sets on this particular night also had the addition of traditional Brazilian dancers right before the beginning of our sets. This was an interesting addition which was enjoyed by some of the crowd.

The first set we performed had a great energy and atmosphere to it, the new set order and fresh arrangements definitely seemed to breathe a fresh life into the tunes which was appreciated by the crowd as can be attested to by the number of people who were dancing on the dance floor. Miss Odette Mercy, as always, kept the audience captivated with her sassy comments and penetrating wit in between songs and her soulful voice during her songs. Another highlight of the first set was the addition of Al McEvoy to the horn section. Whilst the space on the stage at Ocean One is quite restrictive the discomfort of not enough space was worth the presence the three part horn arrangement brought.

After a short break we returned for the second set of the evening. This set contained a lot of the new transitions that we had been working on perfecting including from the song “You’ve Got Soul” into “You Won’t Find Me” with the first four bars of the “You Won’t Find Me” intro being raised a tone before dropping down to the original key. The shortened version of this mellow blues song worked as a great interlude and breather for the audience enjoying the dance floor before guitarist Jamie “ Chopper” Searle broke into the up tempo “Box Me In”. The solos throughout the entire set were of a great standard, the audience enjoyed the funky sounds of the baritone saxophone on “Three Hip Cats” and “Tell It Like It Is”. Al McEvoy’s tenor solos took n a whole new meaning to the word funky with the use of an effects pedal where he manipulated his tenor sound by the inclusion of a harmoniser, distortion, wha pedal and hammond organ sound on various solos.

Towards the end of the second set the fun atmosphere was dampened by a small proportion of the patrons starting a fight. This is the first time in all of the shows I have played at this establishment where I have seen any of this antisocial behavior which is a credit to both the owners of Ocean One and their security. A big thank you needs to go to the security who stepped in and handled a precarious situation very well, removing the perpetrators and protecting the safety of the other patrons of the bar. There have been many shows that I have played in various venues where this unfortunate sort of behavior occurs, regardless of many times I see it I just cannot understand it or get my head around why people end up resorting to this sort of aggressive behavior. The end result is that people get hurt and everybody has a miserable time. Even if one “wins” the fight they ultimately still “lose”. Sure alcohol can affect people’s judgements but an adult always needs to take responsibility for their own actions.

Miss Odette and Her Soul Atomics managed to save the fun party like atmosphere by continuing with their set and finishing with the iconic “Soul Atomics Theme”.

Thanks must go to Chris at Ocean One Bar for continuing to ask us to play there, it is one of the venues we always love to play at due to the overall great atmosphere and receptiveness of the patrons week after week. If ever in Scarborough beach make sure you pop in to Ocean One and enjoy something from their menu or even a quiet drink. Its location right on the beach front makes it an ideal place in a relaxed atmosphere to watch the sunset and have a laugh with friends or someone special.

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