A Productive Day Off

Day 34 – Sunday the 4th March 2012.

Today’s rest day was a really interesting one with me getting a lot of different things done. Whilst it was a rest as such from training I am sure that the  majority of people would not look at it as having been a day off.

I got up around the 8:00am mark after not having one to bed until 2:00am, I was up late last night doing some study for university into various learning theories of education. So when I got up I was feeling pretty tired, it was strange that as I got up my wife, Melissa, was heading to bed after just having worked a night shift at the hospital.

The day itself has been thoroughly enjoyable with me having breakfast with my mm and dad, sister, brother, sister in law and my niece and nephew. I love spending time with them and don’t get it to do it as half as much as i would like just due to the business of life. After breakfast I managed to head into ECU and do a couple of hours of study before heading home to see Melissa who had gotten up for her afternoon soccer game.

We arrived at the ground for her game to fin that no one else was there, the game had been cancelled and no one had let her know this detail. After we’d gotten over the annoyance factor we decided it was a good chance to see her family who had all gathered for the usual Sunday lunch. It was a great time to enjoy good company, especially considering the two new babies born the last fortnight were also present with their respective mums and dads.

Melissa and I finished the day with a dinner at one of our favourite restaurants.

It really has been a great day all around, as I write this Melissa has headed off for work for her next shift – half way through the nights now! I will get some more study done tonight and be up for a session tomorrow. With it being a public holiday the gym won’t open until 7:00 am which is too late for me so I think I might try a different session for the morning before being in at the library all day studying.

Fun and exciting times ahead!


A Country Drive to A Soccer Game

Day 27 – Sunday 26th February 2012.

Today’s rest day has certainly been an eventful one with events including a trip to Donnybrook and Melissa’s next preseason soccer game all being a part of the day’s proceedings. It has certainly made for a pretty full on rest day for both of us!

The day started with us attending mass at 8:00am before getting in the car and heading down to Donnybrook for one of Melissa’s friend’s 30th birthday lunch. The trip down took us about two and a half hours and was an enjoyable drive with us getting a lot of time to be able to sit and talk about everything and anything that we felt like all the way down. After having arrived down there we really enjoyed ourselves with the group that had gathered being great company.

Unfortunately, we were limited for time with Melissa needing to be back in Perth for her preseason soccer match at  6:00pm, she needed to be at the ground by 5:00pm to warmup with the rest of the team. I am sitting in the car writing this post as Melissa is warming up and preparing for her game, it has definitely been an eventful and full on day for the two of us and some would think not much of a rest day. I have really enjoyed myself and it makes me think that there is much more to resting than just sitting around and doing nothing. Importantly today we have gotten to spend uninterrupted time together where we have been able to communicate and share life deeply. A day like today is a great way for us to continue to buld on our marriage with us getting to openly communicate and share life experiences that we will look back on in years to come. Yes, this is my last weekend before the hectic pace of the year really sets in with university being back tomorrow, however, if a day like today ends up building strength into my marriage then that is a much more important way to spend time than any amount sitting around relaxing.

Loving the Rest Day

Day 20 – Sunday 19th February 2012.

Today’s rest day was one that was extremely enjoyable and very relaxing, so relaxing in fact that it has proven me difficult to get the energy and enthusiasm to actually write my daily post!

I woke up this morning feeling quite tired after having a gig last night with Odette and Mercy and her Soul Atomics for an RTR fundraiser that was being held at the Grey Door Gallery which is located upstairs at the Claremont Hotel. I didn’t end up finishing the show until after 1:00am and it was more like 2:00am before I got home and closer to 3:00 before I managed to get to bed.

After having celebrated Mass at Holy Spirit in City Beach we skipped the usual coffee so Melissa could do the preparation needed for her mum’s surprise birthday lunch, this really suited me as it meant I got an extra couple of hours sleep. We headed off to Melissa’s parents’ place for lunch and enjoyed the company and celebratory atmosphere over lunch. I always enjoy lunches we have, talking with and listening to the diversity of her siblings and the conversations that take place is always one of the experiences through my week where I learn many things. I believe you can always learn something from anyone, it’s a matter of always having the ability to acknowledge that everyone has value and experiences that can be a valuable addition to my life journey.

As I write this I am sitting in the car waiting for Melissa’s practice soccer to begin at a local park in Noranda, as we’ve taken just the one car it does give me the chance to do some work whilst waiting for the game to start. It’s quite hot so I think I will stay in the ld car in the air conditioning for a while. I am really enjoying being able to come along to Melissa’s game and support her, she continues to amaze me with her toughness and ability to grow and develop as a soccer player.

Tonight we’ll be heading out to a good friend’s welcome home celebrations in East Perth. This really will be the perfect end to one of my rest days with everything important to me from God, to family (between my family last night and Melissa’s today), Melissa and friends all getting a look in.

The training regime will continue tomorrow at 6:00am with a cycle session. I am still going to do another couple of weeks of basic cardio work rather than any weights in my attempts to get my fitness up. The cycle sessions will stay the same, hopefully I will be able to set a few more PBs this week as well. I will raise the intensity on my run this week, still running for 20 minutes but probably pyramid the run into five minute intervals with 7.5km/h, 10km/h, 12.5km/h and finishing on 10km/h probably being used.

Enjoying a Day of Rest

Day 13 – Sunday the 12th of February.

Today saw me enjoy the second rest day since starting my fitness training for 2012. I woke up to find myself feeling rather sore from yesterday’s soccer game, my muscles were tight, my right knee feeling quite stiff and on top of all that sunburn that was really stinging quite badly. I know it doesn’t sound like it was the best start to the day but it really did get much better, you see today Melissa and I celebrate being married for three months and that is totally awesome.

After I had gotten up and dressed for the day I headed off to watch my wife play in a soccer scratch match which was a part of her preseason work for the coming season. I always enjoy going down and watching her play, just having the opportunity to sit down in the outdoors for a couple of hours and relax is a real blessing to me with the busy life that I live. After the game finished we headed back to our place and got ready for the weekly family lunch at Melissa’s parents house.

After lunch finished Melissa and I still needed to head off to Mass, we didn’t get a chance in the morning due to the soccer games and as our faith is so important to us we headed off to Holy Spirit in City Beach for their 5:30pm mass. At the conclusion of this we had the pleasure of heading down to the beach for a nice walk. We got to walk along the boardwalk between Floreat and City Beach and chat about many different things. The walk today was really nice, this is the place where I proposed to Melissa back in June 2011 and the setting sun with the cloud formations made for some stunning scenery. We had set an alarm for 6:50pm as we wanted to get back to Holy Spirit Parish by 7:00pm for the weekly Pro-life Holy hour which we try to get to as often as we can.

Our day finished by celebrating dinner at a local restaurant and just enjoying each other’s company which is one of my most favourite things to do.

This week’s training I am keen to start increasing the intensity a little more with bringing in some cross training sessions. I am thinking that Monday, Wednesday and Friday will remain  as cycle sessions with the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday being cross training between running, rowing and cycling. I am hoping that I can get another six days under my belt and continue to get no injuries.

Bring on Monday!


Enjoying the Good Things of Life

I believe that it’s an important part of every training program, in fact just every life in general, to be able to stop and reflect on how you are going. It’s important to not just reach your goals and targets but also to reflect on are you enjoying the journey of life you are on? Are you reaching your goals and a the same time being able to be a good person?

It’s no good in life reaching all your goals, making your targets and achieving your dreams if you don’t take time to stop and smell the roses along the way. Appreciation of the people, the opportunities, moments and “little things” in life is what makes it all worth living…a life where you achieve all your goals can still be a life not lived fully due to a lack of gratitude and taking the time to appreciate the journey.

My Sundays are the day I am trying hard to set aside for this purpose, as a result these are my rest days from Fitness Training 2012, as a result my Sunday posts will be a bit different to other days. On the training side of things, I am happy with how my first week has gone to date. There have been some challenges to overcome, mountains to climb (metaphorically and literally) and some successes as well. This year is looking very exciting from a training point of view and I will continue to take it the only I can, one day at a time.

Sundays have become an increasingly important day for me to spend time with my wife, due to our weird work commitments it is the only time in the week we can definitely and regularly spend time together. We have a habit of going to mass at 8:00am in the morning at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in City Beach before heading out to have a coffee, whilst out at coffee we sit and talk about everything and anything we want. Sometimes the conversation is light and funny and other times it gets quite serious and intense, most weeks it actually swings from one to another numerous times during this time we spend together. The important part of this habit on a Sunday is not the topic of conversation but more of a spending time totally present to the other person and appreciating who they are and who God has created them to be. This time is one of my most favourite events in the week to the extent that I actually have it scheduled into my diary as being important and sacred time.

Today was no different, we headed out to Dome in Scarborough, one of our frequent hangouts on a Sunday morning, for our hangout time. We love going to this place because the view is brilliant with it being located right on the beach with beautiful views. As always, our conversations were great fun and really enjoyable. I appreciate that I have been blessed with such an amazing wife who I get to share all of my life with.

After finishing coffee we have headed home and we just got to hangout with each other sitting on the couch for an hour or so. We usually have a family lunch on Sunday which Melissa is currently making something for as I write this post. Spending time with family is another one of the things we do on a Sunday to stop and enjoy the good things in life as we have both been blessed by coming from amazing families. Later on today we might go for a walk in a park, stopping to enjoy the beauty of nature…something I am still learning to do as it doesn’t come naturally to me like it does to my wife.

A man that I know and really respect once said in a talk I was present at “Gratitude leads to Generosity and Generosity leads to Wholeness”. I want to be someone who lives a whole life, the way I can do this is by first being grateful and to do this I need to stop and appreciate these good things in life. The more I stop and reflect and appreciate the good things in the life I am finding the more of the things I want to achieve that are important to me are actually being accomplished.

I hope that today you will stop and make at a minimum a regular weekly time to slow down and appreciate the good things in your life. I’d love to hear about what those good things are and how it has changed your life as I am sure it would end up being an inspiration for me as well.

Get in Shape Challenge Day 79 – Wednesday 2nd November

I made the extremely difficult decision today to take an extra days rest due to the importance of tonight’s indoor soccer grand final. I hadn’t fully made this decision until my alarm went off this morning at 5:00am as I really was torn as to what the best thing to do was.

My reasoning for taking the day off includes that I have been injured and whilst I am feeling really good today I didn’t want to risk the chance of redoing my calf and not being able to play. The other important factor is I feel that tonight I will need to do a lot of running and a lot of work off the ball if we are to get over the line, this will take me being fully prepared and ready to go not just physically but also mentally. So rest day it is.

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